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Jughead’s Double Digest #s 131-134 & 136 $3.69 and 170 pages each, Archie Comics/various artists and writers /sold at book and comics shops, grocery, and lots of other stores, and at

Yep, here’s another one of those thick, digest collections of the antics of Archie and his various pals. What sets this digest apart from its sister publications? This title focuses on that out-of-focus loafer in the multi-pointed fez, Jughead Jones.

Yes, the usual collection of stories, single or half-page gags, and word games are here, all featuring Jug, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and the usual gang of suspects. What makes this digest different, besides Jughead, is a substantial sampling of “Lil’ Jughead”, and Jughead in light parodies. This batch of issues includes parodies of The Wizard of Oz, Indiana Jones movies, and several genres of motion pictures, TV, and other comics titles. All are well-written and well-drawn.

My favorites, however, are the “Lil’ Jughead” stories. There was a day when Archie and his gang were regularly featured in their own title when they were kids of about eight or nine years of age. It was called Lil’ Archie. Obiously, the challenges of teenagers are different than the milieu of pre-teens, and Lil’ Archie reflected these differences. Picture Veronica with buck teeth.

“Lil’ Jughead” is this pre-teen milieu with a starring role for Jug, and they are tasty treats indeed. It almost goes without writing that these digests are perfect for children who don’t need to be awash in violence, sex, and drugs; their conflicts and themes are age-appropriate.

It is oddly necessary to write that these tales are also perfect for anyone who is un-interested in the ocean of violence, sex, and hedonism that now washes up on our shores daily.

Jughead’s Double Digest is recommended for readers who enjoy light comedy.

Michael Vance

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Double Digest #136