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Winterworld #1Winterworld #1
IDW Comics
Dixon, Guice & Rodriguez

Winterworld is a story that goes back many, many years but has been on hiatus for nearly as long. Chuck Dixon's look at a post-apocalyptic future has the planet covered in ice and much like other post-apocalyptic stories, the real story is how humans treat each other when all Hell breaks loose. The first issue requires no prior reading and offers a glimpse into the world, the challenges that the people face and provides a nice introduction to the two primary characters. The book is definitely worth picking up if you like these kinds of stories.

A cornerstone of Chuck Dixon's comics is his character work. Dixon's story has a man named Scully and the teenage girl he's looking after, Wynn, as the sole characters in the comic and it works extremely well. While the introduction paints a picture where they are looking for Wynn's parents, the comic is very much about how they interact with each other and what they need to do to survive. Scully definitely protects and shields Wynn as best as he can while Wynn pushes the boundaries and makes poor decisions, just as a typical teenager is prone to do.

The comic relies on visuals to set the tone of the book in conjunction with captions. The caption boxes are of an ominous nature and it's not entirely clear if there is even a character providing these thoughts or if they are meant to just set the stage. However, because Dixon puts them in many of the panels you get an eyeful and a few words to set the scene even before the characters speak which is extremely effective in the opening pages.

As you might suspect there are dangers out there in the wilderness and the pair find them at many a turn. Sometimes in small doses, like being unable to start a vehicle, but they also find them on a larger scale as the cliffhanger provides a look into how humans behave when they want something badly enough. The book is a very well constructed comic.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is not a typical Butch Guice comic. The comic has plenty of details but it has a very dark and shadowy look to the comic. This is an interesting approach when you consider it seems to be snowing throughout the book. The book definitely captures a dire landscape and a very bleak world for a person to survive in.

Winterworld is a good comic book. It has a fast pace, it provides enough character work to introduce them to the reader and it gives enough of a plot to get a reader vested in their fates. The pair has good chemistry, which is key to a book like this and the writing feels normal but with a touch of realism that you might not except to find in this type of gloomy story. I definitely recommend checking this comic book out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles