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We Stand On Guard #2We Stand On Guard #2
Image Comics
Vaughan, Skroce, Hollingsworth & Fonografiks

The second issue of "We Stand On Guard" isn't quite as pulse-pounding as the first issue but is a very good read. The comic book gives the reader a little bit of what life is like for the Canadian citizen while being occupied by the Americans. It also gives some insight into how the freedom fighting group, the Two-Four, operate and it continues the mistrust theme for the lead character, Amber. The artwork continues to be a true highlight for the comic as there are a number of pages where the artwork completely exceeds any reasonable expectations for artwork in a comic book. This is a good read and is definitely worth picking up.

The comic book opens with a flashback to when the war first broke out. This shows the harsh reality of the Canadians being occupied by the Americans. With troops raiding homes and dragging seemingly innocent people out to be sent to live in camps, this has some haunting visions that have played out in real life over the centuries in too many places. The opening is a powerful one.

The comic then picks up where the last issue left off. The Two-Four are heading back to their base. With a lot of mistrust surrounding Amber, the team blindfolds her while bringing her back to base. We get a little background on the Two-Four and we get some information about the war.

The middle of the comic has an interesting development involving an interrogation, which bubbles up the idea of mistrust again. These scenes seem to have more than just importance to this issue, but more to the mini-series as whole.

The comic moves back to Amber and the Two-Four. After some more mistrust that Amber has to deal with we find that something has gone wrong with the Two-Four in a fairly substantial cliffhanger.

The comic book moves quickly, provides stellar visuals and has some good characters as well as their interactions. This comic book provides a very good read cover to cover.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews
The artwork is stunning. The two pages that stick out are that of the transportation vehicle and that of the inside of the base. The comic has some great details in plenty of other panels, particularly the shower scene and the powerful final panel. This is as detailed a comic book as I've seen all year and it is the total package: pencils, line work, colors all working in perfect harmony. You can't set your expectations high enough.

"We Stand On Guard" continues its fast paced story with the second issue. The tension is still high as the Two-Four do not trust Amber. However, the Two-Four have bigger problems knocking on their doorstep as more of the plot begins to hatch. The artwork continues to be a huge draw to this comic book as this might be the best looking comic book of the year. The details are some of the finest I've seen in a long time. This is an impressive comic book in many ways. I recommend checking this comic book out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles