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Walking Dead #108Walking Dead #108
Image Comics
Kirkman, Adlard & Rathburn

Rick meets Ezekiel in this issue. This comic represents a good, solid read but falls into the average book category for this series. Not a whole happens as Rick meets up with a King of a community and also meets up with a potential betrayer of Negan's. The book moves along at a brisk pace but really isn't connecting a lot of dots at this point. I hope Kirkman returns to move tight storytelling with the next arc.

The book opens with more of Negan's antics among his community members. While this helps to set up the betrayer for later on in the book, it also sets the focus away from the main cast. This is a tactic that Kirkman has rarely done. Even in the Hunters storyline, when the panel focused on the cannibals, Dale was there as well to at least keep some of the core in the mix. This Negan scene is literally just Negan and friends.

Next up, Carl's tough edge takes a step back as he realizes he's got a blind spot. Kind of interesting that Carl would only realize that now, but it's nice to see his character regress a little bit after the machine gun incident.

Finally, Jesus and Rick make their way to meet with King Ezekiel. This whole scene is really bizarre. It makes sense that a man would make himself a king in this environment, but there are an awful lot of questions that need to be addressed at some point.

The comic takes a dip when one of Negan's crew shows up looking to join forces in overthrowing Negan. Rick finally shows the caution and logic that has been sorely missing for many issues. He walks through exactly why this guy is full of it and based on his past dealings with Martinez, it's a sound argument. But the would-be traitor pleads his case that he thought Rick and company were just going along with Negan. This makes little sense when Rick has stood up to Negan multiple times and Carl jumped out of the back of a truck killing off some of Negan's men. Rick could come off as a bit of a coward during some of this but he definitely isn't simply going along with Negan.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsAdlard's art ranges from heavily detailed to extremely light. His scenes with the zombies and Carl are as detailed as anything I've seen of his. However, the details are very light towards the end, especially when the characters appear either normal or background range in the panel. The issue smells like it was rushed.

Walking Dead is a great book. One of the very best. Some issues really connect and make you thankful you read this book in single issue format. Others feel like they are just part of a collection and really don't satisfy individually. This issue falls into the latter category. This is exactly what an average issue of Walking Dead looks like. It's still better than ninety percent of what I read.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles