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Walking Dead #105Walking Dead #105
Image Comics
Kirkman, Adlard and Rathburn

Walking Dead provides a glimpse into the world of Negan in this issue. The comic book is very good because it gives some elements of horror, but it is mostly a character-building story. Generally the Walking Dead is at its very best when main characters die, but this is one of the exceptions. This is a fantastic read.

Carl's failed Trojan Horse move on Negan leaves him as a prisoner to Negan. Negan doesn't dish out punishment in this issue as he takes Carl on a small tour of the community they live in and as a result, the reader gets a large view of what Negan's rule is really like.

Negan is immediately confronted with an issue with one of his wives. This first piece of insight into how he runs his community is chilling but also perplexing. Negan is apparently gathering up women from the couples that live in his community and taking them as his wives. The men, however, remain living in the community despite having forfeited their wives. This makes it very difficult to understand how anyone could truly be loyal to Negan.

The proof of this is that one of his wives "cheats" on Negan with her real boyfriend/husband. This allows Negan to punish the man. However, Negan also reveals that the arrangement he makes with the women is entirely voluntary. There is more to this puzzle than Kirkman is providing here but it certainly doesn't add up completely.

The punishment scene isn't the only aspect of the book that is grueling to watch unfold. In a strange development, Negan demands that Carl unwrap his eye socket patch. Negan seems sympathetic to the boy, which makes the whole scene all the more bizarre. Seeing the hole in Carl's head was definitely among the highlights of the book.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsAdlard provides stunning visuals. His depiction of the punishment scene and the unwrapping of Carl's head are done with great detail and tension. His big layout spread of the factory where Negan appears to live is also very well depicted and unique to anything we've seen in this series. Adlard is simply exceptional on art.

Walking Dead is moving into uncharted territory. Negan is clearly not the Governor. He is a level of evil that is different from the Governor and he seems to hold importance on things that the Governor didn't seem to care about. However you look at it, this book is clearly unpredictable and can excel in single issues that don't even contain Rick. I can't emphasize enough how great this book is.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles