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Uncanny Avengers #2Uncanny Avengers #2
Marvel Comics
Remender, Cassaday & Martin

Uncanny Avengers takes off in a bit of a different direction with the second issue. Rather than continuing to explore the dynamic of the newly formed team, Remender takes the reader into the mind of the Red Skull. This is a good read even though it is really building up the intent of the Red Skull as well as the character baseline for Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Red Skull. Remender is still laying down the foundation and this issue is a bit slow as a result. It is still a definite read nonetheless.

While the book opens with the remnants of the action from the previous issue, it is only short lived. For the most part the comic is about Rogue being held captive and distracted while the Red Skull reveals some of his intentions to the Scarlet Witch. It's a very interesting dynamic and Skull makes a compelling pitch to the Scarlet Witch. He no longer appears to the Nazi madman from Captain America. Or is he?

The aspect of this comic that is difficult to fully buy in to is why Rogue is left alive. Clearly she is a threat and it seems to be that Skull has no immediate use for her. The question is even raised in the book as to why she isn't just killed off. It's just not something that gets sold in this issue.

The true highlight of the book is the very ending when the reader (and some of the characters) sees for themselves what Skull has been up to. It's quite chilling the way it's laid out and it provides a circumstance where you can't possibly pass up the next issue. In this regard it's a perfect ending.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is definitely not the John Cassaday norm. That isn't to say the art is bad by any stretch, but it is decidedly dissimilar from much of the John Cassaday work I've looked at in the past. There is a darkness here that is more in line with the works of Jae Lee. The details seem to be there, as you would expect, but the inks over it seem to allow for a lot less of the polished look. As far as the flow and the characterizations, I found the book to lack a synergy between the dialogue and the reactions from the characters. I felt the characters all had a similar take no matter what was happening in the panel. Still, Cassaday draws a nasty Red Skull and there is something to be said for that.

The flagship book for Marvel Now! is still in the building up stages. This issue provides a terrific cliffhanger to an otherwise slow building story. While we are getting to know some of the characters in this issue we are doing so at perhaps too slow a pace. Maybe if Remender had thrown in some sort of evil concoction that he is known for that would have distracted me enough to get through the slower plot elements. This is still a worthwhile title to pick up, but this issue is definitely still in the world-building stages.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles