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Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #2Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #2
Release Date: 2/13/2013
Image Comics
Perker & Kristensen

Stupidly, I missed the first issue of this book. Thankfully I did not miss this second issue of the comic book. I can't recall reading anything like this before and I found I simply couldn't put down the book. Todd is a kid with a bag on his head that's been wrongly incarcerated for killing another kid. Meanwhile, his parents haven't even noticed he's missing as they deal with their own lonely lives. The book is brilliant in its character work, plot and artwork. Don't miss this comic.

Todd, in jail, walks around with the normal childlike innocence unaware of the dangers around him. However, he gets lucky and finds a friend that seems to be willing to help him out. While this is going on the real killer strikes again and his parents seem to carry on in their own sad way without Todd.

The book is serious at times, sad at times and very funny at others. The comic book is well paced as it switches up the scenes and begins to tie the threads together ever so carefully. The characters are engaging and unique to anything I have read recently. Overall, there is a lot to like in this comic book whether you like characters, plot or strangeness to your story.

The aspect of the book that is difficult to reconcile is the pieces that appear out of place. For example, Todd seems to be in a maximum security prison but still have the ability to make bail. I can't figure out if this is loose storytelling or intentionally left to be this out of place. I don't like not getting the joke and I felt this way more than once in the book.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is terrific. The book has grittiness to it, but it has a level of softness to the book that brings it to life. Despite the kid wearing a bag on his head the entire comic he has a way of expressing his emotions that gives off sadness. This visual trick is simply amazing to pull off. Visually this book hits all the right notes.

I love finding comics that are completely different and this falls directly into that category. It's an insane premise with oddities all over the place, but it's intelligently put together and is heavily entertaining. The entire comic book is extremely entertaining and I simply can't wait to see what happens next. Don't let this pass under your radar.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles