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The Multiversity #1The Multiversity #1
DC Comics
Morrison, Reis, Prado & Ruffino

Multiversity is the Grant Morrison epic that has been discussed as in the works for more than a few years now. The idea is that all of DC's 52 universes have some kind of crossover or story that transcends them all. The concept is daunting for a new reader because it just sounds like it would require too much in the way of deep DC knowledge. However, the first issue manages to keep the focus on a couple of characters and doesn't quite dip into the level of what version of Earth they hail from or what their "normal" Earth counterpart's identity is. Generally speaking the comic book is accessible and is a very good read regardless of your DC knowledge. I recommend checking this out.

The comic opens with the general setup to the comic book. Morrison appears to break the fourth wall with this introduction but things aren't as straightforward as they appear because one character's comic book heroes are another character's universe's heroes. It feels complicated and it probably will dive deeper later on.

From here a lot of characters are rolled out, Thunderer, Nix Uotan and alternate versions of Superman, Green Lantern and many others. Most of the characters are given a proper introduction and they all seem to have some identifiable characteristics with more commonly known characters. This is all helpful to a new reader.

Of course, for the seasoned reader there is plenty to like, such as the inclusion of Captain Carrot. Morrison uses the obscure characters in an endearing but serious way and that helps the reader get attached to them quickly. Plenty of readers will love the inclusion of these characters.

As the book's plot begins to unfold it becomes clear that a threat to the multiverse is going to pull in characters from all over the place to help to stop it. This issue marks just the beginning.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe comic checks in at forty pages and is a dense read. Obviously if you love the 52 universes that DC cooked up several years ago then this is a must read. However, what remains to be seen is how the reboot of the universe three years ago factors into this, if at all.

The pencils are of the classic super hero look. There isn't anything out of place, but the book's art doesn't take any risks either. If anything I would have expected something groundbreaking in the panel layout or in the reading experience but this book's art is extremely conservative in the opening issue.

Multiversity is finally here. The first issue feels like a straight read. Nothing too crazy happens but there seems to be a feeling that this is going to involve a tremendous amount of characters before it's all said and done. It will be an interesting ride.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles