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THE GODDAMNED #2The Goddamned #2
Image Comics
Aaron, Guera & Brusco

"The Goddamned" is a tough read. You need to embrace violence and you also need to have some understanding of the Bible to get the full picture. The issue is a solid read that has some character development and has a tiny bit of plot movement while filling the panels with brutal and bloody violence. It's a good read if you like your comics to be dirty.

This issue focuses on Noah. He's a tough guy. Real tough. He finds joy in helping to punish others, even knowing the flood is on its way. He dismantles others with the same efficiency as his brother. However, he has the ability to find kindness for things like worms. I'm not sold on the ninja-like powers that the brothers seem to have, but we'll have to see how this develops as we go.

A new character emerges in this book. A woman has lost her son and she is looking for some help. Who would possibly look to help a person in this wasteland filled with crimes against just about anything and anyone? How about a character with only one wish: to break the curse and die?

The comic is very well written. It doesn't try to use dialogue out of the bible or something that you might find in a Thor comic book. Instead it has verbiage that you might find in anything you watch or read today. It makes the comic have some charm to it because its unexpected and kind of refreshing. The other part of the story that is interesting is how characters like Noah have knowledge of iron and other slightly more modern things while the rest of the wasteland is struggling to comprehend these marvels of advancement. It makes for an interesting mystery.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork steals the show in the comic book. Guera provides brutality unparalleled in comics today. While the previous issue presented more of a pretty boy character, this one sticks with dirty characters that fight dirtier. The artwork excels at making the characters appear tough and hardened. I love Guera's work in this book.

"The Goddamned" provides another violent and tough read. This one focuses on the complexity of the character of Noah. The book really mixes his brutality well with his soft side for animals. The comic has powerful artwork that adds a deeper layer to the violence in the story. This is not for the timid. The story could be a classic in the making. This is a good issue to pick up.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles