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THE GODDAMNED #1The Goddamned #1
Image Comics
Aaron, Guera & Brusco

The team that brought you the grizzly crime drama called "Scalped" reunite for "The Goddamned." The comic gives plenty of detailed visuals from Guera that make this comic pop from most other books out there. The script by Aaron is light and allows for the pencils to tell the story. Generally, the comic is a good read and provides a little bit of intrigue but doesn't seem to go much further than that in the first issue. This is a title to give a look and keep an eye on going forward.

The comic book is really very straight forward. This is a few hundred years after the garden of Eden debacle and the world has gone to Hell already. God is punishing with a force but hasn't unleashed the massive flood yet. This book focuses on one character as he rises from a toilet puddle and confronts a tribe of beasts that resemble man. The confrontation is good, but unfortunately the presentation is very odd.

The main character seems to be Cain. However, Cain is a pretty boy. He's a chiseled, lean, blond model that appears to have walked off the set of Twilight. No matter how many men he kills with his ninja skills he still looks horribly out of place among the hairy cavemen. He even speaks in a metro way that I found to be so odd in this setting. I found myself not caring at all about the character and wanted to see more of the cavemen.

The end of the comic introduces his apparent foil. As Cain wanders the Earth in search of some way to break his curse he is followed (perhaps not intentionally) by another from similar times, Noah. This is problematic because there was recently a film that had Noah square off with a descendant of Cain, but Noah was the pretty boy and Cain was the caveman. This comic reverses these rolls and the book appears to mirror that film a bit too much. We'll see if this pattern holds, but it doesn't help that the film wasn't particularly good.

The book has a great pace and that works extremely well. While the comic has a lot of action in it, the general pace of the entire comic is a good one. We definitely get to know Cain in this issue and that helps to establish some parameters for this series.

Guera killed this issue. Perhaps it was the bright and lively colors over his pencils or maybe his pencils just got that more detailed but the comic looks amazing in ways his run on "Scalped" didn't see to quite hit. The pretty boy appearances look just as fantastic as the ruffian cavemen. Even the bones and hunks of meat have tremendous details in them. Panels are filled with characters and backgrounds. There are barely any dark panels, which was the standard for his art in "Scalped." The comic book is definitely something special to look at.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews"The Goddamned" opens with a loud bang as the issue presents a Hell-on-Earth look at the past. The world seems to be inhabited by cavemen that are holding onto their most primal instincts. However, the protagonist is Cain. This version of Cain is a pretty boy that seems to have moves that resemble Bruce Lee. The two don't mix well in this comic and the book struggles to define itself as a result. The antagonist reveal at the end doesn't really help the pretty boy image that Cain is presented with in the book either. The artwork by Guera is tremendous and it shows in the amazing details page after page. This is a comic book to give a look but doesn't appear to have the same level of first issue craziness of Aaron's other books like "Scalped" or "Southern Bastards." Give it a try.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles