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Star Wars #13Star Wars #13
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Deodato & Martin

Part Three of the "Vader Down" crossover focuses on the rescue of Luke Skywalker. This particular issue has a lot of action, but it's contained to a few characters rather than the scope of Vader taking on the entire Rebellion by himself. The comic has some really good moments that mix in a surprise or two with some well-timed humor. The comic has a few spots that could have used a steady editorial hand, but for the most part this is a good read.

Luke has been knocked out and is about to dragged off as a prize for Vader courtesy of Dr. Aphra, and her evil droids, Triple-Zero and Beetee. First, R2 shows up looking to take back his owner. Beetee is more heavily armed than R2 and that ends the rescue attempt. While Beetee is chasing R2, Han Solo shows up.

Han has Aphra right where he wants her but things just don't go as planned. When you consider both sides don't want to harm Luke the fight goes every possible way without making it deadly. It's a pretty good few pages of humor and tension.

Vader has a limited role in the comic. However, as the cover depicts, it does involve Leia.

The comic is fun. Watching the evil Threepio and R2 square off against the real R2 is fun. Throwing in some angry Wookie action and the comic makes for an enjoyable, but also unpredictable fight.

Editorial could have stepped in a couple of times. Does it really make sense for Triple-Zero to state out loud, "stop beating me with my own arm!"? We can clearly see that's what's going on, why not just skip to the line, "Oh, the indignity!"? Also, two characters getting completely covered in wasp-worms only to have no trace of them in the next panel. What exactly happened to them? Some of the scenes get dismissed more easily, like Luke kicking the droid down a cliff when they appear to be on flat ground in every other panel. However, the worms definitely needed to be seen again in another panel or explained to some extent.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is good. The comic relies on some of the subtleties of Han's facial expressions to sell the mood and thankfully the art delivers them. However, there are some spots where characters appear to be in an entirely different set of scenery, which does not make for the most consistent reading experience. Overall, the comic book gives a well done presentation. One that is worthy of the hype of this crossover.

"Vader Down" continues with an issue mostly focused on Han's rescue of Luke. The comic book is a fun read because it adds in some humor and a decent amount of action. The book depicts Han, Aphra, Beetee, R2, Chewis and Triple-Zero really well as these characters all contribute in making this a lively read. I recommend checking this comic book out. The crossover is shaping up to be a classic in the making.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles