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Star Lord And Kitty Pryde #3Star Lord & Kitty Pryde #3 of 3
Marvel Comics
Humphries, Firmansyah & Kholinne

The brief mini-series wraps up with another charming look at the relationship between Peter and Kitty. Really, this mini-series serves as a vehicle for Peter to mourn the old Kitty and it serves as a way to bridge the old relationship to something new. The plot in the comic is very much off to the side and that works for this kind of story. If you have any interest in the two characters then this is a good read.

The plot wraps up in the first half of the comic book. Kitty and Peter are held captive by Gambit. Gambit still has the mysterious anomaly that Kitty is seeking for Doom. The pair figures a way out of their predicament and they also manage to obtain the anomaly while sticking Gambit in a bind with the Thor Corps.

Once the plot concludes we get a few pages where Kitty and Peter sort out their relationship. The idea that there are other Kitty variations out there makes this particular one not the 'last' shot that Peter has with finding one that will love him back. However, this comic takes the approach that this Kitty is as far away from the original version as you can get. Therefore, by Peter getting her to soften up to him by the end sort of implies that any version of Kitty and Peter would somehow still end up together in some capacity. Their basic underlying chemistry transcends their powers or situations. It's a sweet love story that doesn't go down the path of Peter mourning the death of his Kitty, the fiancé. It's a story of faith and hope.

The comic also throws in another surprise when it reveals the anomaly. This was a great way to keep readers tied to Peter's roots. This comic book wraps in three issues but definitely leaves space to tell a bunch more stories with the concepts presented here.

The comic is light-hearted but has a strong voice for the characters. While the comic is a love story at the center of it, there are plenty of other things going on that it isn't just a love story. Plus, the characters are written well enough that there is enough entertainment just in the dialogue. It's a good read and a good mini-series.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is very strong. The book has that all-ages look to it and based on the characters involved it does seem to cater to the Guardians of the Galaxy vibe rather than the darker mood set by the X-Men. The comic book has plenty of details and definitely tells a strong visual story.

Peter and Kitty were a couple when the old Marvel Universe died. Kitty went with it but Peter remained. Peter finds a different version of Kitty and this is the story of him trying to find the old Kitty buried somewhere inside this new one. It's a love story, but not without a plot, wit, charm and plenty of action. Fans of the characters are going to want to check this out. This won't change the landscape in any way, but it tells a worthwhile story about love lost and the idea of soul mates. This is a good read.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles