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Outcast By Kirkman And Azaceta #1Outcast #1
Image Comics
Kirkman & Azaceta

Well, this comic is a kick in the teeth. This is the Exorcist on steroids in what reads like a creepy, scary and thrilling comic book that makes the Walking Dead look comical. Not to mention that you get forty four pages for three bucks which makes this a no-brainer as to whether or not to pick it up. The comic reads like a one-shot, so at the very least you get a great and complete read just by picking up this issue. That makes sampling this issue up all the easier. I highly recommend checking this out.

The book has two threads going that meet in the middle. The first, is a young boy that begins to act out, violently, that soon becomes clear he's possessed by a demon. The second thread is about a shut-in adult that seems to have heavy depression and is sinking deeper into isolation.

Eventually, the young boy has a priest come to exorcise his demon. The results are mixed but he soon enlists the help of the shut-in adult who has some experience with matters like this to say the least.

The comic book is constructed extremely well. Each scene doesn't linger too long and isn't overwhelmed with dialogue. The comic provides just enough background on each character to sort of provide an origin but none of them are fully exposed. The book has great dialogue and reads in a thrilling way. The comic book is a page-turner and that's exactly what you what in a comic.

If I had to find something to gripe about it would be that this book reads very similarly to the original Exorcist movie. Granted, it's an old movie and there are differences but it has that been-there-done-that feel somewhat. Also, I was not intrigued at all by the final page. To me, the final page gave the reader the jump-off point if they don't feel like embarking on what the final page frames up. Both of these are minor and a matter of personal preferences.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is tremendous. Not only does the line work provide emotion and drama but the coloring sets a chilling tone and it gives just enough shadow to pull a veil over the reader's eyes. The comic is the perfect visual for this kind of story.

A lot of people are going to pick this issue up for speculative reasons, whether because it is a number one issue from Image or because it has hopes of a TV show. A lot of people will pick it up because of the creators involved, particularly Kirkman. However, this is a very good comic book and a great read. If you like self-enclosed stories that provide a heavy return on your investment then give this book a try regardless if you like horror books or not. This is one to pick up and enjoy the ride.

5 out of 5 Geek Goggles