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Original Sin #5Original Sin #5 of 8
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Deodato & Martin

This is a very good read but editorially it is a mess of a comic book. This entire issue is devoted to the lengthy rewrite of history for Nick Fury starting back in the 1950s. I admit the story itself is a very good one, if not a great one. What Aaron has done with the character is fitting, creative and excellent. However, reading it as the middle chapter in a crossover of this magnitude comes across as simply a throwaway issue. The comic feels like filler and is more than likely the issue to skip if you are watching your cash flow but want to sample the Original Sin books. Very good read but terribly placed.

The issue jumps into Fury's story immediately. Aaron begins with some alien invasion set in Kansas that Fury is helping to fend off in 1958. Fury witnesses some sort of hero dying and upon further investigation he learns the truth about what that character did for a living and what the organization he is supported by stands for. Fury gets recruited to replace him.

The rest of the comic is Fury in a power suit fighting on many fronts, all kinds of villains and creatures. Fury encounters the dawn of the super hero through a very different lens in this new role. Aaron places Fury in a dual role as the character still holds his normal continuity in various spots such as being the Director of SHIELD. But for the most part Fury is the new kind of warrior with part-time work in the roles any Marvel fan would be accustomed to seeing him in.

As I mentioned the story is a very good one. If this were a one-shot about Fury carrying the Original Sin banner then there would be no problems. This would be up for one-shot of the year. However, as chapter five of an eight-part crossover this is a baffling comic book to read.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is very good. Things get a little confusing with the various Fury characters and all of the various armor but for the most part the book looks very good. The final panel with the zoom in on the old man Fury is a particularly detailed and memorable page. The art in the book looks the part of an event comic book.

This event is turning out to be one to skip. There simply isn't enough going on it. If you like Nick Fury then you should pick this issue up. If you want plot movement or are looking for something to tie into the story from the previous four issues then you have found the issue to skip. Good read, but odd unfortunately.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles