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Original Sin #3.4Original Sin #3.4 – Hulk versus Iron Man #4 of 4
Marvel Comics
Gillen, Ross & Guru eFX

Hulk versus Iron Man wraps up with a tame issue. The comic stays away from more fighting as Hulk and Stark have a way of finding some middle ground together. This issue is okay and the mini-series is decent but it turns out not to have the same potential for "change" as it did when it started out. This is a fun read and there isn't anything wrong with that when dealing with comic books.

Hulk and Iron Man square off in the beginning of the book. Stark appears to have a couple of aces up his sleeve but this turns out to be more of a tease than anything else unfortunately. Hulk gets the upper hand and knocks Stark out to bring him to the Gamma bomb ground zero.

Stark reveals a little bit more of what he did to the bomb all those years ago. This gets Banner out of the Hulk and the two basically talk it out. The obvious problem with this is that the memory bomb apparently only gave very small snippets of memories to the heroes. This leaves a pretty steep failure rate when they go to reconcile what these memories really mean. The book ends with kind of a whimper as all the toys are put back in the chest.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe book has a lot of decent moments in the issue but nothing terribly memorable. Unfortunately, if you are looking for the pair to find new ways to hurt each other then this book isn't it for you. If you are looking for a game changing origin revelation then that isn't there either. The pair do have some nice back and forth dialogue though which is something.

The artwork is good. It hits the right notes for the fight scenes and provides some nice character reaction moments when the dialogue gets going. There isn't anything too powerful here but nothing is off center either, so the art is pretty much what you need for a mini-series like this.

Original Sin is an odd event. This mini-series really had potential to change the Hulk and Iron Man's histories in a meaningful way but it stops short of that. There are some decent ideas in here and a couple of nice punches but there isn't anything worth remembering after you've read it. If you are a fan of either character then this is a good comic to pick up. If you are looking to complete the event then this mini-series can be skipped.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles