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Original Sin #3Original Sin #3 of 8
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Deodato & Martin

The event moves past the setup stage but this issue is far from great as the book reads so unevenly. Juggling an enormous cast, Aaron tries to break it down to a few small characters, but doesn't succeed across the board. The book picks up at the end as a new mystery seems to have been hatched. This is a fine comic book but as an event comic book it just doesn't pack a big enough punch cover to cover.

As the various groups begin to investigate their leads we get a new wrinkle. The characters get hit with a memory bomb that apparently implanted visions into the character's heads about either what has happened to them without knowing it or given them false memories. This plot device seems aimed at the various spin-off series, such as Iron Man versus Hulk. Though, it may have played directly into the cliffhanger ending, but that is not entirely clear at this point. It was a strange development to say the least.

As the comic moves through the investigations, one is focused on in particular. Bucky and friends are on the trail of massive shell casings in space. They seem to find bullets that are so large that only the likes of a God could have used in an enormous gun. Bucky seems to figure something out as he branches off from the main team by the book's end.

The rest of the characters get some play but the villains that were sort of rolled out in the previous issue seem to have been dismissed in this issue. The Orb seems to be a very minor player based on the events in this book.

The book has the usual entertainment level that you would expect from a Jason Aaron comic. There is some great dialogue from some of his favorite characters, there is a lot of cloak and dagger stuff and there is some gore. Overall, the book reads very well in terms of pacing.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork varies greatly in this book and not in a bad way. There are a lot of images that will shock you, like eyeballs out of socket and heads being loped off. However, the book also provides a darker side where characters stay in shadows and have a cloud of mystery added visually. The comic is a good visual story.

Original Sin isn't shaping up to be an Earth-shattering event. However, it is also not looking like a total dud as Marvel has churned out a lot of recently. This individual comic has a nice payoff at the end but does feel like it is trying to balance too many characters in one issue. It reads like an advertisement at times for spin-off series as well. Overall, this is a good but not great read.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles