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Movement #1Movement #1
DC Comics
Simone & Williams II

Carrying a big name as a writer gets you certain privileges. For one, you get a dedicated following that are going to buy your book no matter what the content is or what publisher it is with. Another is you get a longer rope to tell your story before folks start to turn away on the book. If you take away Gail Simone's name from this book I wouldn't have picked it up. After reading it, without her name, I wouldn't look for issue two. I'm not sure what DC hopes to achieve with this book, but it isn't a very good first issue.

Basically, Coral City's cops aren't getting the job done in a specific section of the city. So a group of vigilantes take over the area in hopes of keeping everyone safe. They do this by making the police department a laughing stock at every turn possible.

The book has a couple of interesting characters that Simone introduces. Not surprising the strongest of the characters in the book are females. It's not clear the limits of their powers or their origins but it appears these characters have sort of flown under the radar until now.

The book has a lot of problems. Making the police department appear this inept makes the new group less powerful. Not only are street cops easily duped into a fist fight with women and caught by camera phones roughing up some suspects, but even the police captain is called out by the same street cops as not understanding procedure or basic union regulations. The book continues page after page to make the cops appear idiotic, even the captain's wife is having an affair behind his back to rub salt in the wounds. It's simply too much cop bashing and it makes the book seem rather silly.

Another problem with the book is the technical nature of the events. For example, the cops getting caught by cell phones doing some unpleasant acts is broadcast on TV and this is how the captain finds out about it. In this day and age it would be all over social media long before the news gets a sniff of it. Also, the captain would know immediately as a result of this. Compound that by adding in the line about how the young girl's identity is concealed because of her age…yet her picture is on TV and the broadcaster announces the cop's names. That never happens. The book is overloaded with this type of head shaking turns.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is serviceable. Unfortunately, the scenes with action are disconnected and do not flow well together. Cars get jammed underground, rats appear the size of mailboxes while others appear move mouse-like. Characters switch positions without any panel movement and when this is done with completely unknown characters you have a problem. The art simply doesn't help the reader to understand the plot or to nurse them through the new characters.

I wasn't sure what this book was going to be about. I assumed it would be more similar to the Occupy movement from a couple of years ago but this seems to be just another super hero team with no worthy adversary. Simone knows how to make characters interesting and I think those seeds are here. Unfortunately there isn't much else. It's going to be hard to stick with this book much beyond an issue or two regardless of the name on the cover.

2 out of 5 Geek Goggles