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Larfleeze #1Larfleeze #1
DC Comics
Giffen, DeMatteis & Kollins

Larfleeze is a character that has a great back story and one that has sort become comedy relief for the Green Lantern Universe over the past couple of years. Initially when the new 52 was announced I was baffled that DC would create a Red Lantern book but not a Larfleeze book. Now, nearly two years later, I can see that DC simply doesn't know what to do with this character. This first issue is an information dump that barely resembles the character that was created nor the character seen during crossovers like Blackest Night. The book is long, rather boring and doesn't provide a purpose beyond giving Larfleeze a spotlight. The book just isn't a good first issue.

Larfleeze is at the end of creation along with his butler as they wait to die. While Larfleeze is ready to give up his butler tries to convince him otherwise. Larfleeze then launches into his entire origin. This is a creature that is apparently billions of years old so the story takes a lot of time to tell.

The book at least gets the long origin story out of the way in this first issue but it is truly painful to read. Sure there are some funny moments and some of the visuals raise a smile but its ten pages of a long winded narration. It's brutal to slog through.

Once out of the way the book picks up the pace. Interestingly enough the story that kicks off at the end doesn't really define what this book intends to become long term. It merely presents a threat to Larfleeze seemingly for no reason. It's not a bad thing but I was hoping for a defining moment to give me an understanding of why this book exists and what sets it apart from the others. I didn't really get that.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsKollins on art is a perfect match for this book. His pencils have an exaggerated feel to them not unlike something you might find in a Lobo comic. This is a good thing. The pencils provide some life to the very slow parts of the book, which is also a nice thing to see. I realize the depiction of Larfleeze is a little different from the normal version but that's a good thing too. This could very well be the defining look for the character long term.

I'm not sold on this book long term. I have faith in the creators and that goes a long way in terms of picking this up again. I would have preferred the origin to be spread out over three of four issues where it only takes up three pages per issue but they've given it all over in the first issue. Could it backfire? Well, if the next two issues are fantastic then the gamble will have paid off. We'll see. I think fans of the character are going to like the information found in here but the casual reader might find it too slow.

2 out of 5 Geek Goggles