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Indestructible Hulk #1Indestructible Hulk #1
Marvel Comics
Waid & Yu

Hulk is one of those characters that a creator can throw into a lot of different situations and make it work. Gladiator, Vegas bouncer, mindless monster, villain, misunderstood hero and on and on. Waid puts him in the unique situation of working as a good guy, in broad daylight as Hulk signs up with SHIELD in this issue. The book largely sets up the plot but doesn't do a lot of character building around the big guy, but it does give reader a glimpse into the persona of Banner as seen through the eyes of the new creative team. The book is an okay start but there isn't anything in here that particularly grabbed me.

Banner seeks out Maria Hill, Director of SHIELD, and makes his case to come work for SHIELD. This is a bit of a reversal from what you might expect. Under normal circumstances, and as seen in the Avengers movie, it's typically the agency seeking out the skills of the monster and Banner makes every effort to resist. Here, Banner wants into the organization as part of a deal and its Hill that is very hesitant for mixing up with the monster.

Banner isn't told no, but Hill won't accept him into the fold either, so the remainder of the book is Banner proving his worth. Of course, this means unleashing the Hulk against a threat of SHIELD's.

The book is very straightforward and doesn't have any sort of tricks to it. While this is appealing it does make for a very standard read. When rebooting the line as Marvel is doing with Marvel NOW!, it takes a big opening issue to stand out among the many titles and this one falls short of that unfortunately. It's simply an okay read.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsYu does a good job on the pencils. He's worked on Hulk before in the Ultimate line so there aren't any surprises here, but it is a departure from the likes of the regular muscle-bound artists that typically take on the jade giant. It's a nice visual issue and flows well with the story.

Hulk is one of the few characters that I read regardless of who the creative team is. I've following the book for decades. That said, I feel there are still stories to be told with the character and Waid has something happening here. The opening issue just doesn't launch into anything that memorable. We'll see where this goes.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles