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Helheim #1Helheim #1
Oni Press
Bunn, Jones & Filardi

Helheim is the latest book launch from fan-favorite Cullen Bunn. With the success of The Sixth Gun, Oni is hoping Bunn strikes gold with another hit. This first issue is definitely laying the groundwork for something special, but the first issue just grazes the surface as it spends most of page space setting the stage. It's an entertaining and gorgeous comic book, but time will tell how big of a hit it becomes. The first issue is a good start but far from a tremendous bang.

The comic is reminiscent of a lot of Viking stories that take place on land as opposed to the sea. A group of men are fierce fighters as they defend their wooden fortress that surrounds their village. These are hard men that look weathered, but strong. However, the book veers from that good old Viking story about half way through.

Bunn, introduces a hidden threat within the threat after the Viking tribe fends off the bad guys. The carcasses of the bad men shed their skin and begin to fight again, but this time as skeletons. The Vikings have a tougher time beating them a second time.

The book's strength is in the character foundations that Bunn lays down. The comic has a father and son along with a love interest that the father doesn't trust. The characters get unique enough moments that the reader can identify with them, but the book is heavy on the action which sort of forces the conflict between father and love interest, seemingly out of nowhere. The characters are all unique and seem to have excellent stories to tell within this series. We only get a tease in this issue.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is very good. The opening panels of the book are the strong point as they draw the reader in immediately to the threat of danger and the suspense of the moment. The ending is also quite memorable as the cliffhanger really steals the show.

This book has action, suspense, some conflict and the dead returning to life. It's a good comic book and this is a good first chapter. There isn't anything in here to make the book groundbreaking or unforgettable but the reader will probably get a strong inkling as to whether or not this is their cup of tea. I liked the book and urge anyone looking for something a little different to pick it up and give it a try.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles