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Green Lantern #1Green Lanterns #1
DC Comics
Johns, Mahnke & Alamy

Green Lantern is not part of the reboot but rather just a re-launch – one that Marvel does with regularity. However, this book doesn't change creative teams, but it changes leads in the seat of the book. This book has Sinestro wearing the Green Lantern ring rather than Hal Jordan, but Hal's in the book almost as much as Sinestro. Overall, this re-launch breathes some new life into the title that had become slow and boring over the last year. This was a good start to an interesting direction for Hal and Sinestro. I definitely recommend picking this one up.

The issue picks up threads that seem likely following the fallout from the previous volume of this title. For example, Hal returns to Earth after what seems to be forever to find he's behind on his rent, he's been fired from his job and he's got no car or money. I found all of this to be very logical developments and I was happy to see this aspect of Hal's life explored. It also helps the new reader understand what kind of man Hal is rather than super-hero.

Another thread that is furthered is the fact that Sinestro has betrayed his own corps by taking on a green ring. This is also brought to the foreground quickly and with clarity. This allows Johns to explain some of the previous arcs to new readers but it also allows for Sinestro to provide his point of view on some of these questions.

The issue isn't perfect. For one thing the Guardians start asking Sinestro how he feels about reciting the oath. I found this to be sadly out of place when you consider the great lengths the Guardians have taken to remove feelings from everything in their lives – including Guardians that show feelings. I also wasn't thrilled with Carol being capable of picking up right where she left off in regards to her Earth life while she was probably off-planet for the same amount of time as Hal.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is a very good. I can't say it brings its "A" game because this issue contains very little action and I think anyone would agree that this title is at its best when there is wall to wall action. However, there are some good character expressions in many of the panels so that the reader can understand how the characters feel during a given situation.

Overall, Green Lantern feels revived. I have a renewed sense of excitement with this title, especially after the cliffhanger and I can't imagine a new reader feeling any differently. If you are looking for something out of the "new 52" to pick up I think this is a great one to take a look at.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles