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Evil Ernie #2Evil Ernie #2
Dynamite Entertainment
Snyder, Craig, Menyz & Augusto

Evil Ernie is a horror comic book that blends strange powers, frightening visuals mixed in with a bit of revenge. The second issue continues the origin story about the character. Being in the unique position of having never read an Evil Ernie book before I found myself coming into this completely cold. I walked away intrigued enough to pick up a second issue and that is really all a creative team can be looking for in a comic book market that is this competitive. If you like horror books and something a little bit different then this is a comic book to check out.

Basically, Evil Ernie is transformed from a human into a monster but there is a catch. He's got a limit to his powers. To help him, he's guided by a little evil guy named Smiley. The best parts of the comic deal with the tandem of characters as this issue really builds up their relationship and what they are capable of.

The plot seems to be one of straight revenge. I say "seems to be" because Evil Ernie appears to have the ability to see through people and what they really are. Sometimes, Evil Ernie decides to take them out based on what he sees, whether they're an object blocking his revenge or not. Yet, he leaves other characters totally untouched. It's not entirely clear what triggers his look into their souls or why he toasts some and not all. After all, nobody's perfect.

The book is also about the exploration of the character's powers. This is slightly frustrating because I really don't know what I am looking at until the moment has passed. I was able to comprehend more of this on a second read through the book, but the initial confusion probably lost some of the coolness of the moment(s).

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe most noticeable aspect of the artwork is the panel layouts. Many of the pages have overlapping, or borderless, panels. Ordinarily this might create havoc in a story, but it works really well here. The other aspect of the book that works extremely well for the comic book is the horror angle to the visuals. The characters display the right amount of fear that you would expect to find when comforting a creature never seen before. Add in that Ernie himself looks like a frightening menace and you have a very good story visually.

Evil Ernie is a series to watch. The character building, along with the artwork are strong points in this issue. If the story can take shape with a solid plot both long and short term in the next couple of issues then I think this series is looking at a very bright future. This is definitely a comic book worth looking at.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles