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Ei8ht #1 of 5Ei8ht #1 of 5
Dark Horse Comics
Albuquerque & Johnson

Ei8ht is science-fiction at its best. Characters sent on a chase through time, landing on an alien world where they are isolated and dropped into a powder keg predicament. The book is an entertaining read that reveals only a piece of the larger story but just enough to keep the reader coming back for more. If you like space, time travel and mysteries then this is the comic for you.

The front of the book outlines in green, purple, blue and yellow (presumably for the background color) to show whether it's the past, present, future or something else. This was an excellent idea except the first issue didn't really make use of it in a way that held any real weight. I found this to be disappointing right off the bat but that didn't detract from the comic book overall.

The comic book jumps between when Joshua was setting out on his journey against when he first arrives at his destination. The way the comic jumps between scenes while holding on to a relevant piece of information was done to perfection. For example, the final word on the last panel of a flashback, the character states the name, "Joshua." This comes after the character couldn't remember his name and is immediately followed up with the character recalling his name is Joshua. This occurs throughout the book and I thought it was very clever.

The comic also contains mini-mysteries. For example, via radio transmission, Joshua hears, "..ollow the dinosaur! He'll take you straight…" Is this a warning to not follow the dinosaur because he will take you into danger? Or is it instructions to follow the dinosaur because he will take you where you want to be?

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe comic book doesn't reveal what exactly Joshua is after nor the full extent of the deal he's made, but it shows enough to know that pieces are already falling into place. The pace of the book was excellent as the flip-flopping between times help to keep the reader engaged.

The artwork was outstanding. The book is in Albuquerque's American Vampire style and it works well for this kind of story. This science-fiction universe is a dirty one and one that seems to have seedy characters, just as the setting for American Vampire. Visually this book couldn't be a better fit.

Ei8ht is a very solid read. With an easy to follow plot but put together like a puzzle, the book was a fun read. The characters have some grit to them and definitely leave an impression. The visuals are a match for the story and the universe it resides in. Overall, this is a comic that is worth picking up.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles