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Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #1Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1
Marvel Comics
Kot & Rudy

Bucky Barnes in space, as the man on the wall, protecting Earth. That's the line that sums up this comic book perfectly. However, this first issue reveals more than just that. In a nutshell this comic book uses some pieces seen in the Marvel Universe film line, specifically Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy and creates a book that may appeal to the casual reader or fan of one but not the other type of movie. It's a good book but I think its one that has a niche audience and it will require a longer view as a reader. I enjoyed this book and recommend checking it out.

The comic book's most noticeable characteristic is its artwork. This book has a strange look about it that makes it seem like it's out of a Sandman comic. There is a dream-like quality to the panels and the backgrounds all seem to contain some form of darkness to it. It's not that the book is simply black, but that it has detailed backgrounds that are so darkly shaded that they seem to blend in with the reader's conscious. The comic's art is an acquired taste because it is not the usual super hero look but it definitely has an appeal to it and fits with a space story. However, the facial details are very glossed over and this may create some confusion while reading this comic. I can see that getting in the way for some readers.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsAs for the story, its mostly setup. However, because the premise is so strange the setup is quite odd. Bucky uses some humor to break up the bleak scenarios of basically being a black ops assassin out in space. He finds himself some supporting characters to help him along and that also allows the comic to contain a little banter and it keeps the pace up. There isn't any single mission or obvious bad guy yet but it appears this book will be spinning more than one plot plate throughout each issue.

Bucky is a great character. This is an incarnation that is much different from how Brubaker wrote him in Captain America. At the very least Marvel is trying to tell a different kind story with this series and that is a good thing. This comic might be a little out there for some but it might be a welcome change for others. You definitely need to think outside of the box while reading this comic but I recommend checking it out if you are curious.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles