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Black Science #2Black Science #2
Image Comics
Remender, Scalera & White

The second issue of Black Science takes a step back in terms of pace and character exploration of the lead, Grant McKay. Instead, this issue focuses on the supporting cast and the inner workings of the overall dilemma the cast finds themselves in. The comic is an entertaining read but doesn't stand out as the premiere issue did. This comic is worth checking out but is much different from the first issue.

This issue begins with Grant applauding his scientific achievement with his scientist partner whom he is also having an affair. This was probably the most character development in the entire issue as the reader gets a stronger glimpse into the warts that the lead character possesses.

The issue then plunges the reader into the plot and dysfunction of the team that finds themselves stranded in an alternate Earth set in the past. This part of the comic book is interesting because it uses elements from World War I but changes them in a way that makes it entertaining and surprising. However, the flaw in this is the characterizations.

Remender allows the reader to get to know some of the supporting cast and there isn't much to latch onto here. The book contains a security staff member, a hardened boss that most people hate except his loyal assistant who helps keeps the tension high by pitting one member of the team against another. The mold just doesn't feel as broken with this crew as it did with McKay from the opening issue. However, there as some likeable points, such as the one character that constantly comes up with one-line jokes that are oddly placed for the characters but funny for the reader.

These types of stories where the staff rebels against the overbearing boss never fly well for me. They are relatable in a fantasy world but not at all in the real world. The one that pays the bills is always in charge and any insubordination is rarely met with a discussion. To have the yelling and confrontation just isn't real enough, even in a science fiction book.

The book also gets away from the creativity that Remender is known for. He adds to the battle scene in some fun ways but the craziness isn't really present in this issue as compared to the previous one.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsScalera is fantastic on art. The book moves through the scenes with a fluid feel that helps push the book along at a good pace. The comic excels when the battle scenes erupt onto the page. The artwork definitely enhances the story in the issue tremendously.

The second issue of Black Science is a step back. The issue gets away from the science fiction and moves into more of a standard team of characters arguing over who is in charge and how to get out of a predicament. The story groundwork has been put into place so perhaps the next issue will get back to the pace of the first issue. The characters are still being fleshed out so there is some hope there as well for growth. Proceed with lowered expectations but this is still worth picking up.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles