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Batman Incorporated #8Batman Incorporated #8
DC Comics
Morrison, Burnham & Masters

This review contains spoilers. Basically, this issue is battle between a key character and a masked villain. The key character interacts a little bit with other key characters before finding himself in dire straits at the hands of a masked villain. The issue has a theme of what life is like for a child with warring parents, but on a life and death scale. It's a good read, but is far from memorable when considering the outcome.

The key problem with this issue is that the press leaked the outcome and that causes curious readers to pick up the issue. On that basis there is no framing for the villain involved. Basically, Robin dies to some faceless brute over very little. The fight doesn't put Robin in any position other than standing up for someone unable to stand up for themselves. There is no context as to the whereabouts of Batman or any of the other characters. Does it detract from the entertainment value? No. It does detract from the emotional ending though. A recap page would have gone a long way in this comic book.

The opening of the issue is great because it showcases Robin's personality and gives him plenty of space so that the reader can get their fill of the character one last time. The interaction with Nightwing is done exceptionally and without knowing the outcome of the fight this sequence definitely projected that something big was on its way.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThis is not your typical Grant Morrison comic book because it relies heavily on action. The book is very visual, which helps to sell the emotions once Robin has said his peace with Nightwing. It is in this area that the artwork really excels. The book's layout for the fight and death are terrific and really steal away the show in the comic. This is a fantastic visual effort.

Death in comic books is sort of silly. I doubt Robin will stay dead and that makes the issue really miss if, in fact, there is some permanence in this death. It also doesn't help that a Robin has already died (albeit 25 years ago). The book is a good read and those following Morrison's run will love it. If you are curious about what happens you probably aren't missing very much. The good news is that another comic book character will probably die next month anyway.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles