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Batman #32Batman #32
DC Comics
Synder, Capullo & Miki

Batman hunts down the Riddler in another terrific issue of Batman. The praise for this title under Snyder and Capullo is well documented but this issue stands out because we seem to be getting back to some of the detective skills that make Batman such a great character. Batman is working with Gordon and Fox to divide and conquer in their search for the Riddler. However, nothing is ever easy with Batman.

The comic opens with a very interesting sequence where, it appears, Bruce Wayne drops some cash into a hat of a man on the street and states he's looking for a new butler. This sequence may not play a role in this issue but it is among the best artistically.

The book then launches into the plot. Fox is in a van monitoring and waiting to hit his frequency disruptor as Gordon and the SEALs crawl through the sewers towards the Riddler. Batman joins the hunt, but from above. These scenes take their time working through the thought process that led them to this place and their plan on dealing with Riddler once they've found him. Then the surprise occurs.

The remainder of the book is a bit of a re-grouping effort as the team is scattered and in some cases out of the action. Of course, Batman comes up with a new plan and set it in motion immediately and it pays off at the end of the book.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe comic is a great read. It's constructed well, it's paced well, it's got great dialogue and it frames up what makes Batman different from all others to perfection. The aspect of the book that works the best is how Batman gets defeated again and again and just keeps coming.

Capullo is incredible. The best sequence, outside of the opening, is the very ending, which I won't spoil. Capullo has a knack for presenting the smallest interactions, as in the beginning with the homeless man, with as much emphasis as the big ones, such as the great ending. The comic book reads in a way that makes each panel feel important and that's fantastic to find in a comic book.

Batman is DC's best comic book. There is no question about it. This issue brings the long storyline closer to a finale but each issue has been as great as the next with all the drama, action and surprises that you want in a Batman book. I recommend this title very highly.

5 out of 5 Geek Goggles