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Batgirl #3Batgirl #3
DC Comics
Simone, Syaf & Cifuentes

The third issue of Batgirl starts off with a bang and teeters off after that as the issue seems to build character relationships at the expense of a plot development. Overall, I liked the issue, but found myself wishing it were better. The parts of the issue that were good were close to great but there simply wasn't enough of them.

The issue roars into action right off the bat as Batgirl is on an above-ground subway trying to save the people from a bomb planted by the Mirror. As she navigates the high speed train, talking trash over the communicator to the Mirror and trying to find the target among the innocents, Batgirl makes a bad decision. It's a good little piece because it shows how easily a hero can screw something up, which seems to be a rarity these days in comics. The fail in this scene is what occurs directly after this.

The next scene is Barbara seeking some support from her Dad. It screeches the issue to a halt because there is virtually no follow-up from the fallout of her train failure. Added to this is how bizarre the artwork is in this sequence.

Overall, the artwork has an exciting feel to it. Batgirl flying around on the train with explosions and scenes with Batgirl on her motorcycle all feel loud and alive. However, the scene with Barbara and her dad have Babs appearing eyelid-less. She has this expression on her face like she's just seen a ghost. Sure, she might be in shock from the previous scene but if so then wouldn't Jim Gordon, a cop, pick up on it? Panel after panel Babs has the look of shock in her eyes and it simply doesn't line up with the dialogue. I really don't understand what the team wanted to convey here.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe final scene (and the bulk of the book) is Batgirl and Nightwing talking through some things. These scenes are meant to build their relationship and it does to some extent. However, the pacing and transitions are all off. The sequence jumps into a flashback with little or no warning and the dialogue doesn't seem to match what characters say prior to their reaction. For example, Nightwing says amidst other lines, "Forget Batman" when Batman wasn't mentioned by either character prior to this line. These scenes have a few pieces to the dialogue that just seem out of place.

I want to love this title. Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. A flawed and fresh hero that mixes some fun and some brains. The book isn't quite there but it is showing flashes of it. Outside of the opening of the book I found the issue to be a miss but it still might be worth a look.

2.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles