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Batgirl #2Batgirl #2
DC Comics
Simone, Syaf & Cifuentes

Batgirl rolls on with the second issue picking up immediately where the first one left off and it concludes with a good origin story for the main villain. Overall I found the issue to be entertaining and generally a solid read but there isn't a whole lot yet that made me say "wow". Perhaps as the storyline continues to gather up some steam we'll get there. Overall, this was the one new DC title (complete reboot not re-launch or launch) that I found enjoying the most coming out of the first month and that remains so with this issue. I would say this series is off to a good start.

Without any kind of recap page the reader is thrown into the cliffhanger from last month. Simone does her best to explain the situation but she's got to use plenty of captions in the first couple of pages to fill in the gaps. This is all well and good except it seems like Batgirl's actions, such as jumping out of a window after The Mirror doesn't fit with her apologizing to the cop for her dead partner - in her mind.

One of the aspects I liked about the book was how overmatched Batgirl was. This is a D-list villain at best but Batgirl struggles and loses to him (twice), which makes sense because she isn't completely over her injuries and she presumably is on one of her first missions since putting the costume back on.

Another part of this book that I liked was the page or so that Simone takes to show Batgirl doing some detective work in the library. It helps to ground the character a little bit. It wouldn't be any sort of a challenge if she had access to Batman's mainframe or analytics tools. Batgirl goes old-school on the research and I thought this was well done.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork was very good in spots. For the most part I found the character depictions to be the highlight. The book is loud and exciting and its got vibrant colors that help set an excellent tone for the book's dialogue. I found two of the fight scenes to be wildly off in specific spots though. For example, when Batgirl slams into the car its difficult to tell exactly what part of her body hit the side of the car and the swipe trail appears to have her falling from the side (like a boomerang) and not from above. That aside, the book is a very good visual story.

Batgirl is exactly what I expect it to be: fun but with a hint of danger. Simone is putting across a fun version of the character who is smart but still learning the ropes. She's up against villains that are out of her league but probably wouldn't show up on Batman's radar. Overall, the issue is good and the arc is setting up to be a good introduction into the character. Generally, that seems like a recipe for a good series.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles