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Marvel updates solicitation text for WEAPON X #7-10

August 4th, 2017 4:56pm by ComicList Email

Media Release -- The new updated solicitation text for WEAPON X #7-10 (JUN170993, JUL171159/60, AUG170984, & AUG170985, respectively) are below:

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New creative team pits OLD MAN LOGAN against The Maestro

March 2nd, 2017 3:11pm by ComicList Email

Media Release -- Prepare for a new spin on an old favorite as two iconic Marvel mainstays meet in brutal combat once more! Only this time, the former Wolverine will be challenged like never before as enemies from his past rear their ugly heads. Enter…THE MAESTRO! It's all happening this June in OLD MAN LOGAN #25 as incoming creative team Ed Brisson (Bullseye, Iron Fist) and Mike Deodato (Thanos, Avengers) sink their claws into the hit series with a brand-new story arc!

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Ten new Wolverine TRUE BELIEVERS comics coming this February

November 18th, 2016 7:31am by ComicList Email

Media Release -- He's the best there is at what he does – and now he can be yours on a budget! Today, Marvel is pleased to present a new line of ten Wolverine themed TRUE BELIEVERS titles – coming this February! Celebrate the legacy of Wolverine and his protégé X-23 with specially priced introductory issues, available only at your local comic shops! Printing some of the most iconic Wolverine and X-23 stories of all time for the suggested retail price of $1 – TRUE BELIEVERS are the perfect way for readers to get caught up with Laura and Logan!

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ComicList Preview: ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #13

October 4th, 2016 10:17am by ComicList Email

Media Release -- Wolverine...murderer?! One of the most iconic Wolverine stories of all time is reborn this October as the new Wolverine runs a deadly gauntlet in ENEMY OF THE STATE II! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #13 – the first chapter of Enemy of the State II, coming to you from blockbuster writer Tom Taylor and incoming artist Nik Virella (Return of the Living Deadpool, 1872)! Laura has fought hard to be something other than what she was programmed for. But the fight is over. The killing machine has returned, and Wolverine has blood on her hands. As her actions bring the forces of S.H.I.E.L.D. and some of her deadliest foes descending upon her, dark forces conspire to manipulate Laura for their own gains. Can the Wolverine outrun the demons from her past? Or will she be forced to give up all she's built? The stakes have never been higher as the Wolverine faces her greatest challenge yet when ENEMY OF THE STATE II kicks off this October in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #13!

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The Comixalaxy Reviews: OLD MAN LOGAN #9

July 30th, 2016 6:53pm by ComicList Email

Eric Bradach's The Comixalaxy

Old Man Logan #9
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel
Release Date: 07/27/2016

Writer Jeff Lemire's Old Man Logan is arguably the strongest of the current ongoing X-Men books. Thankfully it hasn't diverted itself into either of the tiresome "Civil War II" or "Apocalypse Wars" events/crossovers, and by being allowed to tell its own story, its created one hell of book. In the previous issue, Lemire detracted from the ongoing story to bring a very character driven issue. In which he built upon the Logan and young Jean Grey relationship, as well as executing some fantastic, genuine moments with some old friends, including Jubilee, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, and Puck. Issue nine brings the narrative back to course with the start of a new story arc, "The Last Ronin".

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The Comixalaxy Reviews: ALL NEW WOLVERINE #10

July 22nd, 2016 9:05pm by ComicList Email

Eric Bradach's The Comixalaxy

All New Wolverine #10
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: IG Guara
Colors: John Rauch
Letters: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel
Release Date: 07/20/2016

The X-Men franchise is one of the most beloved Marvel franchises in their vast gallery. For years, if you read Marvel comics it was either you read X-Men comics or everything else. It has one of the richest and most complex histories in the comic book landscape. Unfortunately, over the last decade the "Merry Mutants" haven't been major players in the greater Marvel Universe events, save for "Avengers vs. X-Men". Many have speculated that this is due to the case that Marvel Studios doesn't hold the movie rights to them. Which are currently being held by 20th Century Fox, all in a fairly complex lease itself.

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Geek Goggle Reviews: OLD MAN LOGAN #1

January 30th, 2016 4:48pm by ComicList Email

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews

Old Man Logan #1
Marvel Comics
Lemire, Sorrentino & Maiolo

"Old Man Logan" launches with a solid first issue that establishes the direction of the series with direct clarity. This is a revenge story. Using the old time travel concept where characters try to prevent a bad outcome in the future by dealing with things in the past. However, Logan is simply looking to take out characters that wrong him in the future. The artwork picks up as the issue moves along but really struggles in the opening pages. I enjoyed this first issue.

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ComicList Preview: OLD MAN LOGAN #1

December 22nd, 2015 4:31pm by ComicList Email

OLD MAN LOGAN #1Media Release -- This January, sharpen your claws and prepare for the coming of a new kind of Wolverine. Straight out of the pages of Secret Wars comes an older, wiser and much more deadly Logan. And his adventure in the restored Marvel Universe begins as critically acclaimed creators Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino bring you OLD MAN LOGAN #1 – a brand new ongoing series! Decades from now, a day will come when the villains of the Marvel Universe will band together and rid the world of its heroes. Only Logan now remains, having committed an untold number of atrocities of his own. But when he winds up in the Marvel Universe of today, he'll finally get his chance to make his future right. By ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Can one man change history? Is the world ready for the return of Logan? Find out as he cuts a bloody swath through the Marvel Universe in OLD MAN LOGAN #1!

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