Third issue of GREAT PACIFIC gets 2nd printingMedia Release -- A continent of trash in the Pacific Ocean continues to capture the minds of comic book readers as the third issue of the Image Comics series GREAT PACIFIC has sold out and will be reprinted. The second printing of GREAT PACIFIC #3 (DEC128031) will be in stores on February 13.

The tale of a privileged young man who seeks to make a difference by forging a new nation on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, written by Joe Harris and drawn by Martín Morazzo, GREAT PACIFIC has sold out of all three of its issues thus far. It also has had coveted Phantom Variant covers for all three of its issues and garnered praise from critics:

"This very unique and interesting premise is paired with spectacular pencils by artist Martin Morazzo who is meticulous when it comes to his attention to detail. This is a fantastic issue, but I do not recommend starting your GREAT PACIFIC adventure here, if you are interested. Definitely pick up issues one and two before you dive into this one, it will be worth it."
- Comic Vine

"I'm glad a series like this exists and it's definitely something that can only exist in the world of comics. The story and art is a perfect match for each other and if you're looking for something very different to read this week then this is it."
- Comic Bastards

"I still can't enough of Martín Morazzo's illustrations, long and massive landscapes of plastic and garbage as far as the eye can see. You can almost hear the snap, crackle and pop under the protagonist's feet, as he steps on thousands of plastic water bottles joined together like a floor of modern art."
- Comics the Gathering

GREAT PACIFIC #4 will be in stores February 6.