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GraphicAudio adapts Marvel's SPIDER-MAN: KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT Prose Novel

September 9th, 2015 3:57pm by ComicList Email

SPIDER-MAN: KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT Prose NovelMedia Release -- GraphicAudio®, in conjunction with Marvel, presents the audio adaptation of SPIDER-MAN: KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT. Experience the classic, genre-defining Spider-Man shocker like never before in this new audio adaptation! After years of crushing defeats at the hands of the web-slinger, Russian aristocrat, Kraven the Hunter decides to battle Spider-Man in one final showdown to determine who the superior warrior is. Kraven usurps the mantle of Spider-Man, but must prove himself superior to his nemesis by defeating the one villain he was unable to defeat on his own, the cannibalistic Vermin.

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ComicList Preview: SPIDEY #1

July 28th, 2015 1:27pm by ComicList Email

SPIDEY #1Media Release -- Today, he's the world's greatest super hero. But long before he swung from rooftops as the Amazing Spider-Man, he was just a spider-powered teenager who knew that "with great power must also come great responsibility." Today, Marvel is pleased to announce SPIDEY #1 – a brand-new ongoing series launching as part of All-New, All-Different Marvel! Follow the adventures of teenaged Peter Parker in a new series set within continuity from rising star writer Robbie Thompson (TV's Supernatural, Silk) and blockbuster Marvel Young Gun artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy)!

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Spider-Man and Deadpool team up this Fall in SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1

July 14th, 2015 4:25pm by ComicList Email

SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1Media Release -- Yes you heard right True Believer! Two great heroes that hero great together! Later this year, the two most popular characters in the world are together for their very own ongoing series! That's right – SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1 is coming your way, chock full of wallcrawling, wisecracking and bad guy punching! Blockbuster creators and the legendary Deadpool creative team of Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness reunite once more to chronicle the ongoing adventures of Peter Parker and Wade Wilson!

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Miles Morales enters an all-new universe in SPIDER-MAN #1

June 23rd, 2015 12:21pm by ComicList Email

SPIDER-MAN #1Media Release -- He's the wallcrawler that made pop culture history and took the Ultimate Universe by storm. Now he's ready to make history again, as he finds a new home in a completely new universe. Welcome to the Marvel Universe Miles Morales – hope you survive the experience! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce SPIDER-MAN #1 – a brand-new ongoing series starring Miles Morales coming later this year. Comic superstars and Miles Morales co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli begin the story that will have the whole world talking!

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ComicList Preview: SPIDER-ISLAND #1

June 18th, 2015 5:01pm by ComicList Email

SPIDER-ISLAND #1Media Release -- The arachnid-infested Manhattan returns on Battleworld this July! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at SPIDER-ISLAND #1 – a double dose of 8-legged madness from two exciting creative teams! First, writer Christos Gage and artist Paco Diaz bring you a domain under siege! The Spider-Queen has won, turning her domain into an island full of Spider-Madness. With Spider-Man defeated, all hope lies in the hands of Flash Thompson – the symbiote wielding hero known as AGENT VENOM! But does he stand a chance? The, return to the fan-favorite MC2 character as Mayday Parker takes center stage in a new story from her original creators – Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema! Now adorning the title of Spider-Woman, does May have what it takes to brave the horrors of Secret Wars? Two action-packed tales of wallcrawling and webslinging await you this July in the can't-miss SPIDER-ISLAND #1!

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Geek Goggle Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1

June 6th, 2015 5:34pm by ComicList Email

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1
Marvel Comics
Slott, Kubert, Dell & Ponsor

One the most controversial Marvel stories over the last ten to fifteen years was the undoing of the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. While other stories have toyed with this over the years, this seems to be the first story that puts them back together that "counts" albeit as part of the Secret Wars event. The opening issue is a good one but doesn't cash in on the relationship aspect of Peter and MJ, but rather Peter's need to protect his family above all else. The comic is an intriguing one. I'm not sure how the fans of Spider-Man will react to this, but it certainly is an interesting opening issue.

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May 12th, 2015 10:14am by ComicList Email

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1Media Release -- Father. Husband. Hero. The Amazing Spider-Man isn't safe from the Secret Wars – and neither are you! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1, from blockbuster creators Dan Slott and Adam Kubert! Trust us, you have to read this to believe it! Prepare for the next evolutionary step in Peter Parker's life as the Parker family faces Battleworld…together. Peter, Mary Jane and their daughter may not have much, but they have each other. Even as his city is torn asunder by a mysterious new villain, the safety of Peter's wife and daughter comes first. But who is this mysterious "Regent" who has claimed the lives of so many heroes? How long till Spider-Man and his family are in his crosshairs? This is the story you've been waiting for. No fan can afford to miss the seismic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 when it explodes into comic shops this June!

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ComicList Preview: SPIDER-VERSE #1

April 22nd, 2015 6:16pm by ComicList Email

SPIDER-VERSE #1Media Release -- The biggest Spider-Man event of all time was just the beginning! This May, writer Mike Costa (Scarlet Spiders) and artist Andre Lima Araujo (Inhuman) wallcrawl and webswing through Secret Wars in the pages of SPIDER-VERSE #1! And they're bringing along a team of some of the most popular Spider-Men and Spider-Women! The battle with Morlun and the Inheriors may be over, but the battle is just heating up! Stranded on Battleworld, a small band of universe-hopping heroes – Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man: India, Spider-Girl, Spider-UK and Spider-Ham – will find themselves face to face with the worst Secret Wars has to offer. How did they get here? What happened to their homes? What tragedy has befallen this region of Battleworld and how will this team of spiders cope? Amidst the horror and the fury of this strange new planet, six spider powered heroes stand alone. United as one, is this a new beginning, or a grisly end? Find out this May in the can't miss pages of SPIDER-VERSE #1!

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