SKULLKICKERS #2 Second PrintingMedia Release -- After issue 1 rampaged off shelves and into the hearts and minds of comic fans, SKULLKICKERS #2 follows suit with a distribution-level sell out!

Demand for SKULLKICKERS is soaring, so Image Comics has ordered a second printing of the pulse-pounding second issue. It will be in stores November 10, 2011.

SKULLKICKERS scribe Jim Zubkavich (POPGUN, Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki) says, "When the gang at Image contacted me to let me know that issue #2 had blown through its overprint right after release, I couldn't believe it. My friend Joe Vriens sent a pin-up we intended to put in the back of our next issue, but we quickly drafted that sweet piece as our 2nd print #2 cover.

Thank you to everyone who has given our fun little fantasy book a chance. We'll keep working hard to earn that support!"

SKULLKICKERS is fantasy action-comedy written by Zubkavich with art by the gifted team of Edwin Huang, Chris Stevens (POPGUN) and Misty Coats.

In SKULLKICKERS, two mercenaries are entangled in a high-class assassination plot, and nothing -- not werewolves, skeletons or black magic -- will stop them from getting paid. If you love fantasy, action-comedy, a touch of black-hearted violence and movies like ARMY OF DARKNESS then SKULLKICKERS is the book for you!

SKULLKICKERS #2 Second Printing (AUG108190), a 32-page full-color comic book for $2.99, will be in stores November 10, 2010. SKULLKICKERS #3 (SEP100497) will be in stores November 24, 2010. Follow the Skullkickers blog at for sneak peeks and more. You can download a free preview of SKULLKICKERS using the Image Comics app from comiXology.