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Aspen Comics classic series SHRUGGED returns in third volume

February 14th, 2018 2:50pm by ComicList Email

Media Release -- Aspen Comics is celebrating fifteen years of publishing in 2018, and is continuing its initiative of bringing back classic series from its library of titles with the release of Shrugged Volume Three in February. Created by Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, and written by Mastromauro with art by newcomers André Risso and Valentina Taddeo, Shrugged (Volume 3) #1 is in stores on February 28th. Mastromauro details the return of Shrugged as well as the long delay on Volume 2:

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ComicList Previews: SHRUGGED VOLUME 2 #6

February 9th, 2018 5:46pm by ComicList Email

SHRUGGED reaches its explosive finale! It's a double-dose of Shrugged as Ember's master plan reaches full effect! Perspecta has fallen and earth is on her short list to conquer next. However, Theo, along with Ange, Dev and the rest of the gang, are still alive and kicking, and they're not going to let Ember win that easily! It's the world shaking final issue to the second volume of SHRUGGED, and you have a front row seat!

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ComicList Previews: SHRUGGED VOLUME 2 #5

January 11th, 2018 5:13pm by ComicList Email

The long awaited return of SHRUGGED vol 2 continues! As Theo struggles to overcome his perilous journey, Ange and Dev continue to fight against Slive and his nightmarish creatures. However, being completely overrun and outnumbered, their hope for survival grows dim with each passing moment. The end is near, but an unlikely ally may prove to tip the balance of power in their favor!

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First Look at SHRUGGED #4

October 21st, 2013 7:06pm by ComicList Email

Shrugged Vol. 2 #4 (of 6) (Direct Market Cover A)Media Release -- Not much hope remains as Lord Slive and his fear creatures have gained control over Perspecta and the Earth. Though all seems lost, Theo isn't giving up and heads to a forgotten land where one last bastion of help may reside. However, the journey itself is a task very few have ever survived, and Theo's chances of making it are not looking up!

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First Look at SHRUGGED VOLUME 2 #3

June 4th, 2013 6:09am by ComicList Email

Shrugged Vol. 2 #3 (of 6) (Direct Market Cover)Media Release -- You think you're prepared, but you're not. You've been decisive in your actions up to this point, but now things have been turned upside down. You feel you've conformed your mindset and are ready to accept what you're about to experience, but you haven't. That's because SHRUGGED is back and ready to blow your mind!

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First Look at SHRUGGED #1

March 4th, 2013 6:44pm by ComicList Email

SHRUGGED #1Media Release -- Aspen's Ten Year Anniversary celebrates the return of SHRUGGED!

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Aspen unleashes Shrugged Volume 2 retailer exclusive covers

January 21st, 2013 7:47pm by ComicList Email

Shrugged Vol. 2 #1 (of 6) (Marks Reserved Cover)Media Release -- Aspen is continuing to celebrate the publisher's tenth anniversary this March with the return of their popular series Shrugged. The second release in the publisher's "10 for 10" initiative, that will feature ten new series releases over a span of ten months, Aspen will release Shrugged #1 on March 13th, 2013. From creators Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, and the art team of Jonathan Marks and Beth Sotelo, Shrugged marks the first returning Aspen property of 2013. Below is the publisher's solicitation for the new Aspen release:

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Aspen Comics to bring back SHRUGGED for 10 FOR 10

January 15th, 2013 6:09am by ComicList Email

Shrugged Vol. 2 #1 (of 6) (Direct Market Cover)Media Release -- As their second release in their tenth anniversary "10 for 10" initiative, Aspen Comics is returning to the world of Perspecta and their popular series Shrugged. Created by Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, Shrugged will feature a mix of both a returning and brand new art team. The official Aspen solicitation for the new series reads:

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