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Wolverine #63
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Garney & Keith

Now we are cooking. Back to back comics with Wolverine in it that didn’t make me scratch my head. This is progress. This issue provides more tidbits about the history between Wolverine and Mystique and has some more of the hunt during the present time period in deserts of the war zone. We all know Mystique will eventually get away, but the game between the two is still exciting enough to stick around to see how it plays out. Throw in an “origin” tale that is actually interesting and the whole issue is a hit with me.

This issue starts with Mystique and Wolverine strolling the streets of Kansas City in the waning days of the “old west” during the early 1920s. Mystique describes the freaks she has assembled to help out with her scamming. Six fingered card players, pick pockets turning tricks and hopefully Wolverine as the muscle. She makes her proposition.

The present time period picks up with the bloody body of Wolverine getting tossed off a cliff. Wolverine was set up by Mystique for murdering an innocent woman. The scene of Wolverine getting shot all full of holes provides good insight into his character. He knows he was set up and he doesn’t even put a fight with the people who have no idea they were dupes. He just lets them cut him down. Wolverine isn’t the monster he is sometimes portrayed as. He does manage some comedy while he’s getting shot up though.

When he does find Mystique she is disguised as a nun hanging out with orphans. They share a drink together – Mystique and Wolverine – not the kids. They have an excellent exchange here. It only ends because Wolverine knows he can’t kill her in front of the kids. She slaps him and as a good nun is, she is innocent, so some do-gooder gets in Wolverine’s grill allowing Mystique to get away.

Back in the past, Mystique seduces Wolverine. A match made in heaven. He’ll have his family. As they say in the movie Freaks, “One of us.” Next issue should have the Mystique throwing Wolverine under the proverbial bus. For now, they are together and happy.

The issue ends with Mystique trapping a Senator and taking his shape to surround herself with Marines. Wolverine can’t confront her with them around so he calls for help from an unknown source to be revealed next issue.

An excellent issue all the way around. Fast paced, with good switching between past and present. The whole issue uses outstanding hide and seek alternate methods with Mystique shape shifting juxtaposed with Mystique wanting Wolverine in her inner circle in their past. We know she can’t be trusted but we don’t know what she has up her sleeve. Factor in that the artwork is fantastic and the issue is excellent.

Let’s face it, when it’s all said and done this isn’t going to be the greatest Wolverine arc ever, but it sure will rate as one of the best in the last few years if this keeps up. It’s such a simple concept. He’s after Mystique and she evades him at every turn. And yet, the execution is rock solid. I’m very pleased with the first two issues of this arc. I recommend this to any level of fan of Wolverine.

5 out of 5 geek goggles.

e #63