Oni Press announces new projects at SDCC 2012Media Release -- Today at Comic-Con International, Oni Press, the acclaimed independent publisher of creator-owned comics announced a bevy of new projects tied to the glorious Internet.

"I'm so very glad to welcome two incredibly talented and wildly popular cartoonists to the Oni Press fold," gushed Oni Press editor in chief James Lucas Jones. "Both R. Stevens and Scott C. are pioneers in our field. The approach to online presentation of DIESEL SWEETIES and DOUBLE FINE ACTION COMICS have served as templates for dozens, if not hundreds, of aspiring creators and the comics themselves are some of the funniest ones I've ever read."

A long-time feature of ground-breaking video game developer Double Fine Production's website, Scott C.'s humorous DOUBLE FINE ACTION COMICS ran for over 800 strips. Double Fine's world famous icon, the Two-Headed Baby, is joined by beloved characters Knight, and Muscleman. The cast of the comic is rounded out with a pair of astronauts–Captain and Thompson. Launching in print in April 2013, DOUBLE FINE ACTION COMICS kicks off with a new edition of the previously scarce debut volume as well as the new-to-print VOLUME 2. A third volume, collecting the remainder of the run is scheduled to hit shelves in the third quarter of 2013.

"I am getting super pumped about Oni Press, you guys," exclaimed Scott C. "I think Oni Press and the Double Fine Action Comics will make an incredibly powerful team worthy of any battle against anything."

"I've been a big fan of Scott C.'s artwork ever since I discovered his work at a gallery show in Los Angeles. His characters and illustration bring out the fun in pop culture and comics," added Oni Press art direct Keith Wood. "Reading each strip and working on the books reminds me how great it is to be a fan of comics. Working with Double Fine and Scott C. on this project isn't just a job, it's my dream job."

Joining DOUBLE FINE ACTION COMICS (and previously announced web-first comics PENNY ARCADE and BAD MACHINERY) at Oni Press in 2013 is R. Steven's fan-favorite comic DIESEL SWEETIES. More than twelve years ago, R. Stevens first displayed his charming wit and precise pixel artwork–over 3,000 comics later Stevens continues to push the boundaries of strip comics with his diverse cast of characters and wry sense of humor. With so much material on so many different subjects, Stevens and Oni Press are taking a different tack with the DIESEL SWEETIES print books–collecting strips based on their content and sensibilities rather than their chronology. The first of these themed print collections can be yours next summer.

"After all these years working alone, I'm excited to make some books with some real professionals!" commented Stevens. "No offense to me."

"This is all part of my master plan to publish more comics with cats," added Oni Press editor Jill Beaton. "The fact that we get all of the humans, robots, and toaster that make up the SWEETIES gang is a total bonus!"

The company also has teased two brand new projects that are headed for the web–Jamie S. Rich & Natalie Nourigat's A BOY & A GIRL and Ananth Panagariya & Tessa Stone's BUZZ! Further details on the 2013 debuting projects were promised towill be revealed at New York Comic-Con this October.

"None of these are webcomics–they're just comics," explained Oni Press operations director George Rohac. "This is an incredibly simple concept we've seen get ignored time and time again. Frequently comics that were online first have been relegated to imprints or treated as an outside entity. It is as though the fact that a physical tome did not exist first makes the comics being featured some sort of riddle of the Sphinx."

"Comics are comics," continued Rohac. "I have a lot of conviction for online comics and their creators. Growing up, online comics helped keep my interest in the medium. It introduced me to a number of creators that would find their place at Oni Press. So imagine how excited I am to be working at Oni Press at a time when we're working on Penny Arcade, Diesel Sweeties, Bad Machinery, and Double Fine Action Comics — however excited it is you think I am, it is at least tenfold that. As we get closer to 2013 all will be revealed and I can promise you that all of us at Oni Press are set on making it worth the wait."

Founded in 1997, Oni Press, Inc. has become one of the comic industry's most well-respected independent comic publishers–Revolutionizing Comics by focusing on character and story-driven creator-owned work in a variety of genres and formats.