Celebrate the special relationship between fathers and sons with JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #76.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- Dysfunctional relationships abound in Jack Kirby Collector #76's "Fathers & Sons" issue! We'll explore the father/son dynamic, Kirby-style, between Odin/Thor, Zeus/Hercules, Darkseid/Orion, Captain America/Bucky, and others. Also: Conducted the week of Jack's 1994 passing, there's a touching unpublished interview with Gil Kane eulogizing his mentor, and heartfelt tributes from a host of Jack's creative offspring: Bill Mumy, Jimmy Palmiotti, Joe Quesada, Jim Valentino, Todd Mcfarlane, Peter David, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, and others. Plus: Mark Evanier and our other regular columnists, the 2018 Kirby Tribute Panel, a complete Golden Age Kirby story, a pencil art gallery featuring prodigal sons (and daughters) from Forever People, New Gods, Thor, Machine Man, and an interview with, and cover inked by, Al Milgrom! Edited by John Morrow.

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