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Batman #31Batman #31
DC Comics
Snyder, Capullo & Miki

This comic book is fantastic. Batman begins his fight to take back Gotham from the Riddler by rallying some of his allies, doing some detective work and then launching into action. This book captures what is best about Batman on many levels and it even reads well self-enclosed. This is definitely a great book to pick up and sample it. I'm sure you will find a lot in here to enjoy.

Batman finds the final piece of his forces in the form of Lucius Fox. With Gordon, the trio formulate a plan to take the fight directly at the Riddler. Using their collective brain power, Batman and Fox figure out a way to use the Riddler's signal to determine where he's broadcasting from. Gordon asks the probing questions that allow the reader to get an understanding of the logic behind the plan, which feels natural and seamless. In order for the plan to work Batman needs to buy them some time.

Batman then puts himself on center stage as he interfaces with the Riddler and his game where a citizen comes up with a riddle to try to win Gotham its freedom back. Batman soon learns that instead of buying Fox ten minutes he needs to get him nineteen.

Using some baiting of the Riddler, Batman gets dropped into a pit of lions while keeping the Riddler online to watch the outcome. These sequences are tension filled and exciting, as is much of the book.

What works best in the comic book is the pacing. We get some detective work and planning then we move to Batman interfacing with the Riddler in a war of words before the book ends with plenty of action. Oh, and we also have a nice childhood flashback sequence that ties in with this comic very neatly placed within the main sequences.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsCapullo knocks this issue out of the park on artwork. Batman against lions? Batman on a dirt bike? The Bat symbol with Fox and Gordon's reflections on it? Yes, yes and yes. This book is loaded with spectacular images and the details are spot-on as eye grabbing and exciting. This is the new baseline of Batman storytelling in terms of artwork against the rest of the Bat-books will be measured. It's a fantastic looking book.

Batman is a great book under Snyder and Capullo and it has been the entire time under the New 52 banner. This particular issue stands out as a great one. I can't find any flaw in this book and this is the kind of issue you file in a spot where you can pull it up and re-read from time to time to get a charge of Batman. Great, great comic book.

5 out of 5 Geek Goggles