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Amazing Spider-Man #2Amazing Spider-Man #2
Marvel Comics
Slott, Ramos, Olazaba & Delgado

Amazing Spider-Man comes in with a second strong issue as the focus continues to find a balance between Peter Parker's personal life and his super hero life. The comic brings fantastic artwork to accompany the story. The comic also advances the villain threat in a separate thread as the overall story is still building. This is a good comic book to pick up if you like great storytelling and great artwork.

Peter Parker continues to piece together his life now that he has his brain back in his body. It's interesting to watch how Parker tries to act as though nothing has changed towards some, like his employees, while he is loudly trying to explain how a super villain was running his body for months. Parker doesn't want to appear stupid, because Ock advanced his life in ways he never could have and now Parker is trying to maintain that. This, while, Parker is trying to undo some of the damage Ock left behind.

The biggest balancing act that Parker is playing is with Ock's love interest. Parker is seeing Ock in a new light as he seems to have legitimately fallen in love with someone. This is more emotional fallout but is definitely something that has a lot of potential for the long term.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe book has a lot more in it to like. Spidey makes up with some of the Avengers in a very tense, but necessary scene. Spidey also has a nice couple of pages with Johnny Storm that feels natural and apt for the character progression of Parker getting his body back.

Ramos is at the top of his game and he is definitely one of the best matches for Slott's writing of the character. The book's art captures the lively and fun aspect of the story while still being able to put together a great fight scene and capture the emotions of the quiet moments. This is a great looking book.

Amazing Spider-Man is a great comic book to pick up. The comic has a couple of longer term stories running while still cooking up a smaller plot that will probably end up being contained to the arc. The book has plenty of action and a lot of character work. I definitely recommend checking this comic out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles