SCRATCH9: CAT OF NINE WORLDS #3Media Release -- Scratch's surprise encounter with a past aspect takes a grim turn as he faces losing one of his nine lives again. Then he's thrust into a overly-dramatic 19th century struggle between the mysterious cat hero "The Mauve Bravadeer" and the so-called "Phantom of the East London Theater." And will Penelope make a new BFF in the evil cat Strick? (not likely). All this and cover art by "Bodie Troll" creator Jay Fosgitt! Available for pre-order from the June Diamond Previews Catalog ( JUN14 1291)

Written and Created by Rob M. Worley
Art by Joshua Buchanan
Cover by Jay Fosgitt
Color by Digikore Studio
Lettered by Rob M. Worley
Published by Hermes Press
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 2014