MULTIPLE WARHEADS #1Media Release -- MULTIPLE WARHEADS: ALPHABET TO INFINITY #1, the first issue of a new Image Comics mini-series by Brandon Graham (PROPHET, KING CITY), has sold out and will be reprinted.

The second printing of MULTIPLE WARHEADS #1 (OCT128202) will be in stores on December 5 and is available now for pre-order.

The first issue was in stores on October 24, and MULTIPLE WARHEADS burst onto the scene with stellar reviews:

"This is pure fun from start to finish."
- Comic Book Resources

"Strange is Graham's modus operandi, and with Multiple Warheads he gives us strangeness, violence, love, sex, and puns — oh god, the puns! — in what I would call a career-defining work for anyone else. For Graham, it's just business as usual."
- Comics Bulletin

"….the rich imagination we've come to expect from Graham is hard at work and his artwork has never looked better. If you haven't already encountered his comics then this issue is the perfect place to start. Multiple Warheads is a charming comic, one which features high adventure and a scattering of madcap concepts yet remains (relatively) grounded by a knowing sense of humor."
- Comic Bastards

"Each panel on each page is densely packed with meaningful wordplay, heavy and hilarious iconography, and socio-cultural commentary; it's apparent that Graham is having fun putting this book together."
- Talking Comic Books

"…this book features the same anything-can-happen sense of wonder, and is impeccably cartooned in Graham's signature style that has grown to be derivative of nothing save for Graham's work itself. That is, Brandon Graham draws like Brandon Graham, and no one else draws like Brandon Graham."
- Robot6