Men Of Mystery #88Media Release -- A FULL 140 PAGES OF NEVER-BEFORE -REPRINTED VINTAGE GOLD!! That's right, Men of Mystery #88 contains 16 full story reprints of rare, vintage action headlined by some of the most unique and interesting costumed heroes of the 1940's, not seen anywhere since their original printings !!

This issues' cover star Mr. SCARLET stars in "The Hunted Hunter", drawn by Jack Binder, from Fawcett Comics' Wow Comics; followed by an untitled QUICKSILVER story from National Comics #26. The art is signed "Nick Cardy", but this one is actually drawn by Paul Gustavson. Then, another Quality Comics star, MERLIN (never previously appearing in MOM) rings in, with an untitled story (also from National #26) drawn by that master of magicians, Fred Guardineer. There's more Quality to come, with STORMY FOSTER, The GREAT DEFENDER, in an adventure illustrated by Rudy Palais from Hit Comics #32, and The UNKNOWN , in a story whose creators are also unknown, again from National #26; plus DOLLMAN faces off against two of his most notorious nemesis, The Undertaker and Tom Thumb in a taughtly-paced spellbinder as drawn by John Spranger.

Then, Fox Features is represented with an early BLUE BEETLE episode, from Mystery Men #26, and a GREEN MASK nail-biter, also from an early MM issue. A pair of Eastern Color stars join the fray, as MUSIC MASTER fights a Nazi sabotage ring in a story beautifully rendered by Jimmy Thompson, and MAN O' METAL roots out threats to the war effort in the Black Diamond mine in a story penciled by H. G. Peter; both from Heroic Comics #22. Arturo Cazeneuve's BRITISH AGENT #99 shows up, reprising his initial appearance from way back in Pocket Comics #1, and Senor Cazeneuve does double-duty, as it his his art that also graces The ZEBRA on "The Man Who Looked Into The Future, from an unknown issue of Green Hornet."

Two newcomers to Men Of Mystery come from Dell Comics' The Funnies (issue #46, to be exact) in The BLACK KNIGHT- a costumed paladin set in medevil times, and PHANTASMO- a contemporary ( by 1940 standards) superhero who has to be seen to be believed. Cut in the mold of The Spectre, Stardust the Superwizard and Mr. Justice, this nearly-omnipotent student of Eastern philosophy had some very weird adventures, drawn by African-American artist Elmer Stoner. This issue's story is his first appearance, as is the case on the BLACK KNIGHT story, as well. Plus- two more bonus SURPRISE stories; one drawn by Joe Certa, and a second by Jack Binder.

You can't get MORE perfectly-reproduced Golden Age reprint material anywhere for less! A full 140 pages of vintage 1940's costumed hero reprints in black & white with a full-color cover.