Diamond Distribution has officially announced their target on-sale date of May 20 for the distribution of new comics.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- In our Friday, April 17 update, we announced that Diamond Comic Distributors is working toward the distribution of new, weekly product in mid- to late-May. We have had many exciting conversations with our publishing and retailer partners and are pleased to take the next steps toward that goal.

While we know that the pace and process of reopening stores will be different throughout the country, we have set a target on-sale date of May 20.

As all of you are aware, however, we find ourselves in a fluid situation and there are many factors including quarantine measures, what services retailers are able to offer and the volume of orders that have the potential to effect whether we are able to meet this date. That said, we have heard your concerns and agree that taking these steps toward resuming distribution is a positive, important step in our collective move forward.

We are providing this target date to allow you as much time as possible to communicate with your customers and gather the information you need to order appropriately for your store and customer base.

Several important processes are underway to ensure the timely delivery of product that retailers and customers want, so please carefully review the following information and deadlines:

Final Order Cut-off

· Today, April 28, the initial list of FOC products will be published. Products from all vendors intended to ship for the on-sale date of May 20 will be included, and your FOC adjustments must be completed by Monday, May 4 at 11:59 PM ET. This list may be modified through the week but will be finalized by the usual time of Noon ET on Friday, May 1. Please refer to the FOC Weekly page on Diamond's Retailer Services Website.

All DC Comics titles released during our pause in distribution will be included in the first shipment of new, weekly product.

Shipping and Payment

Retailers must have verified their shipping address by 6:00 PM ET on May 8, taking into account any closures that may require shipments to go to a different address or be held at the UPS hub.

Any retailer who requested that their account be placed on hold must contact Retailer Services at service@diamondcomics.com and request that the hold be removed by May 8 to receive product for the target on-sale date of May 20.

Outstanding credits, including those generated by Marvel's increased discounts for product impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine measures, will appear on the May 20 invoice if they have not already been applied to another invoice.

The replenishment order process will resume with the first order cut-off of May 13. Please note that shipments may be delayed as we work through the significant number of orders that have accumulated during the quarantine measures.

Retailers with payment terms requiring certified funds may pay with non-certified checks until further notice or may pay via credit card by contacting our Credit Department.

The weekly Day Early Delivery Fee will be suspended while we evaluate changes to the program.

This period has been difficult for everyone, particularly our retailer partners on the front lines. We appreciate your support and the many positive messages we have received as we work through business and safety concerns. We are heartened by the many examples of your ingenuity and creativity as you find ways to serve your customers that are new. We are happy to provide tools like the Shopify Generator, Sell Sheet Generator and PREVIEWS Pullbox. Your use of these tools is what has made them so successful.

While we work toward the target on-sale date of May 20, retailers can continue to take advantage of backlist product via Diamond's Retailer Services Website. Also, we encourage retailers to ensure their Comic Shop Locator Service listings are up-to-date with services offered, such as delivery or curbside service, and that store hours are accurate. This will help direct customers to stores that can continue to meet their needs through this time.

Please also continue to consult our Coronavirus Resources page for an ongoing list of resources available to retailers. Additionally, you can click here for a single source of other Coronavirus-related information from Diamond and our publishers.

Thank you again for your continued support as we all plan for our future. We are committed to communicating with you during this process and look forward to our continued partnership.