ComiXology Submit Private Beta comics now liveMedia Release -- The results from comiXology Submit's private beta are in – fourteen new titles that can be purchased today – including a brand new collection of Too Much Coffee Man cartoons from self-publishing veteran and multiple Eisner Award-winner Shannon Wheeler.

"It's amazing to see the wealth of talent and creativity that came from the private beta submissions," says co-founder John D. Roberts "We're now gathering feedback from our beta testers and looking to refine the portal to go public early in 2013."

Launching in private beta this past October, comiXology Submit was the biggest news coming out of this years' New York Comic Con. ComiXology Submit aims to help comic book creators worldwide monetize their self-published works through comiXology's digital comics platform available across iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web

Here is a list of titles from the first round of comiXology Submit:

Too Much Coffee Man Favorites #1 Shannon Wheeler (writer/artist)
Watson and Holmes #1 – Rock Baker (writer/artist)
Relaunch #1 – Ron Perazza (writer), Daniel Govar (artist)
Torchbearer – Nicolas Dedual (writer), Dennis Calero (artist)
Astronaut Dad – David Hopkins (writer), Brent Schoonover (artist)
First Law of Mad Science #1 – Oliver Mertz (writer), Daniel Lapham, Jeff McComsey (artists)
BloodDreams #1 – Angi Shearstone (writer/artist)
As We Were - Kel McDonald (writer/artist)
Tiger Lawyer #1 – Ryan Ferrier (writer), Matt McCray (artist)
Quandary #1 – Janine Frederick (writer), Ken Frederick (artist)
Robot 13 #1 (of 3) – Thomas Hall (writer), Daniel Bradford (artist)
Evil Inc: Real Housewives of Transylvania #7 – Brad Guigar (writer)
Tomorrow Jones #1 - Brian Daniel (writer), Johan Manandin (artist)
Hatter M: Far from Wonder #1 – Frank Beddor (writer), Liz Cavalier (artist)

Those interested in being contacted when comiXology Submit becomes open to the public – from self-publishers with one or more comics and graphic novels, to webcomic creators, and even to creators with a short one-shot comic – can enter their contact information at

All submissions for comiXology Submit go through an approval process and when approved comiXology will transform the uploaded work with their Guided View technology – for free. Then the work goes on sale worldwide with the creator and comiXology splitting the profits evenly.

Recently announced as iTunes' #3 top grossing iPad app of 2012, comiXology has over 30,000 comics and graphic novels from more than 75 of today's hottest publishers, giving comiXology the widest selection of digital comics anywhere. ComiXology's availability across iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web makes it the best digital comics platform for current, newly interested and lapsed comic, current and graphic novel fans.

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