The critically acclaimed manga adaptation of Sherlock hits Season Two, introducing the iconic Irene Adler!

Sherlock comes face to face with the mysterious and beautiful Irene Adler as he attempts to solve a series of murders. But will Irene help him – or create more danger for Sherlock?

Product Title: Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia
Issue/Volume Number: 2

Number of Issues/Volumes in Series: 10
Frequency of Publication (Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, etc.): Monthly
Intended Audience (All Ages, Mature Themes, Adult): All Ages
Genre (Superhero, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Western, etc.): Manga / TV / Mystery
Format (dimensions, pg count, FC/B&W/PC, SC/HC): 170 x 258mm / 48pp / B&W / SC Comic
Retail Price: $4.99
Printer: Senatobia LSC
Country of Printing: US
Ship Date/Month: January 8th, 2020

UPC Code:
Cover A: 7 93611 73558 3 00211
Cover B: 7 93611 73558 3 00221
Cover C: 7 93611 73558 3 00231
Cover D: 7 93611 73558 3 00241

Author(s): Steven Moffat
Artist(s): Jay
Cover Artist(s): Alice X. Zhang (A), Photo (B), Jay (C), Marguerite Sauvage (D)