The climax to the first original comic series set in the world of Blade Runner! Detective Ash discovers the truth behind her mysterious client, his kidnapped family, and the Replicant conspiracy hidden throughout Los Angeles!

From writer Michael Green (screenwriter for Blade Runner 2049) and Mike Johnson (Star Trek), and illustrated by Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark, Captain America)!

Product Title: Blade Runner 2019
Issue/Volume Number: 4

Number of Issues/Volumes in Series: Ongoing
Frequency of Publication (Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, etc.): Monthly
Intended Audience (All Ages, Mature Themes, Adult): Mature Themes
Genre (Superhero, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Western, etc.): Sci-Fi / Thriller / Movie
Format (dimensions, pg count, FC/B&W/PC, SC/HC): 170 x 258mm / 32pp / FC / SC Comic
Retail Price: $3.99
Printer: Senatobia LSC
Country of Printing: USA
Ship Date/Month: October 16, 2019

UPC Code:
Cover A: 793611735484 00411
Cover B: 793611735484 00421
Cover C: 793611735484 00431

Author(s): Michael Green, Mike Johnson
Artist(s): Andres Guinaldo
Cover Artist(s) Rafael Alberquque (A), Syd Mead (B), Andres Guinaldo (C)