BLACKBURN BURROWMedia Release -- BLACKBURN BURROW is back! The second edition Amazon Studios’ new digital comic releases today!

Debuting last month to rave reviews, BLACKBURN BURROW is a supernatural horror tale set in Civil War America.

What readers will follow in Issue #2: Mister, a loner who’s no stranger to supernatural threats, has teamed up with Merrin, a surviving resident of the decimated southern town of Blackburn Burrow. Their mission: to find missing soldiers and citizens – and answers. Their journey leads them to a nearby mine, where they discover more darkness than they could have imagined. Ancient symbols, impossible structures, and shocking family connections are revealed. Answers, however, remain elusive. And peril is still at hand.

The issue #2 cover is attached with some select imagery.

Based on an original screenplay by writer Jay Levy, BLACKBURN BURROW is produced by 12 Gauge Comics, which teamed with renowned comics writer Ron Marz (Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Marvel vs. DC, Batman/Aliens) and veteran illustrator Matthew Dow Smith (Doctor Who, X-Men Icons , Mirror’s Edge, Day of Judgment) to shape the story and look of the comic.

The comic looks and reads like a traditional book and is available for free through a variety of sites and platforms including top digital comic provider Graphicly, as well as, Amazon Studios Facebook page and the Kindle Store. For more information on how to get the comic, visit or search for Blackburn Burrow in the Kindle Store.

Everyone has the opportunity to provide feedback and direction on Blackburn Burrow as the story continues to unfold. Each release will be accompanied by a poll related to content in that issue that encourages readers to give feedback and provide comments.