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ComicList Previews: ROAD OF BONES TP

January 31st, 2020 7:04pm by ComicList Email

Horror, history, and Russian folklore collide in this brutal survival tale, where the worst prison in the world is merely the gateway to even darker terrors.

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ComicList Previews: TRANSFORMERS #16

January 30th, 2020 8:39pm by ComicList Email

Riots rock Cybertron as the delicate balance of peace is fully disrupted. Amidst the anti-Autobot, anti-Decepticon, and anti-Rise actions, can Orion Pax, Chromia, and a Decepticon finally link the deaths of Brainstorm and Rubble to a larger conspiracy?

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ComicList Previews: READ ONLY MEMORIES #2

January 30th, 2020 6:32pm by ComicList Email

Based on the hit game 2064: Read Only Memories, enter a cyberpunk universe like you've never seen before!

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ComicList Previews: STAR WARS ADVENTURES #30

January 30th, 2020 2:26pm by ComicList Email

Explore the galaxy in light of events depicted in The Rise of Skywalker! In this issue, the spotlight falls on Kylo Ren!

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January 30th, 2020 1:42pm by ComicList Email

This series collects the original early issues of the acclaimed long-running series, NOW IN FULL COLOR! Every issue will also feature new behind-the-scenes material and art.

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January 30th, 2020 12:06pm by ComicList Email

The Turtles are separated, each trying to find their own way forward. With their absence, Old Hob fills the power vacuum with the help of some very unusual new mutants!

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January 28th, 2020 1:49pm by ComicList Email

Jean-Luc Picard has traveled to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, defeated impossible foes, and survived in the face of unthinkable odds, but it's the end of this one mission that will change his life forever.

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ComicList: IDW Publishing New Releases for 01/29/2020

January 27th, 2020 3:26pm by ComicList Email

ComicList: IDW Publishing New Releases for Wednesday, January 29, 2020, by Charles LePage.

Clue Candlestick TP, $15.99
DuckTales Volume 7 Imposters And Interns TP, $9.99
Love And Other Weird Things TP, $14.99
Narcos #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Vic Mahotra), $3.99
Narcos #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Clay McCormack), AR
Read Only Memories #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Stefano Simeone), $4.99
Read Only Memories #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Christina-Antoinette Neofotistou), $4.99
Read Only Memories #2 (Of 4)(Cover C Peach Momoko Pixel Variant), AR
Star Trek Picard Countdown #1 (Of 3)(Michael Pangranzio 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $4.99
Star Trek Picard Countdown #3 (Of 3)(Cover A Sara Pitre-Durocher), $4.99
Star Trek Picard Countdown #3 (Of 3)(Cover B Photo), AR
Star Wars Adventures #30 (Cover A Arianna Florean), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #30 (Cover B David M. Buisan), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #30 (Cover C Derek Charm), AR
Star Wars Adventures Omnibus Volume 1 TP, $29.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #102 (Cover A Sophie Campbell), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #102 (Cover B Kevin Eastman), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #102 (Cover C Matthew Roberts), AR
Transformers #16 (Cover A Corin Howell), $3.99
Transformers #16 (Cover B Hal Laren), $3.99
Transformers #16 (Cover C Hazen Becker Pixel Art Variant), AR
Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics #1 (Cover A Stan Sakai), $3.99

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