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Marvel Comics for July 2006

April 20th, 2006 7:20pm by ComicList Email

Marvel Comics that will be published in July 2006, by Ralf Haring.

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How to contact Chuck

April 15th, 2006 2:50pm by ComicList Email

Feel free to leave a message for me here. Or, if you like, email me at "". Thank you!

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Claypool Comics for July 2006

April 14th, 2006 12:05am by ComicList Email


CLAYPOOL COMICS solicitations for JULY 2006:

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Boom! Studios' IN THE BLOOD #1 sells out

April 14th, 2006 12:02am by ComicList Email

Record third sellout this year for new publisher

Los Angeles: IN THE BLOOD #1, published by Wizard's Best New Publisher Boom! Studios, has sold out of its print run for both the main cover and the PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE cover with artwork by Tim Bradstreet. Written by horror legend Steve Niles with interiors by THE GIFT artist Josh Medors, retailers and fans made short work of this new take on the werewolf legend.

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Suspended Animation Review: The Surrogates #1

April 7th, 2006 6:29pm by ComicList Email

The Surrogates #1 (of 5)/24 pgs. & $2.95 from Top Shelf/words by Robert
Wenditti; art by Brett Weldele/sold at and comics

In the future, almost everyone owns a surrogate, an android who does
everything one doesn't want to do, and some things one doesn't want to get
caught doing.

An android is a robot that looks like a human. Regrettably, in this exciting
new mini-series, they act like humans as well. As proof, two androids whom
are about to have sex in an alley are
murdered…if one can murder something that isn't really alive.

Well written, and drawn in an effective, abstract style, one of the
strengths of this new SF series is its willingness to tackle tough political
and moral questions without preaching to a reader.
In addition, and worthy of praise, is the restraint used by the creative
team when handling sexual issues and violence. Less is always more; nothing
in literature is more powerful than the human

Surrogates is highly recommended for mature readers. MV

Tales of the Terminal Diner/96 pgs. & $9.95 from Sonic Comics/various
writers and artists/sold at comics shops and

Terminal Diner is an anthology of tales told over coffee at a restaurant
located at the corner of Unreal and Real. You are as likely to buy a donut
as an order of barbequed dragon wings.

These pithy stories cover the gamut of literary genres and styles of art,
and more than one is likely to be your cup of tea. None will offend anyone
but the weakest of hearts.The only disappointment is that the diner doesn't
feature an All You Can Read buffet.

Terminal Diner features the work of professionals including Michael T.
Gilbert, Don Lomax, Steve Skeates, Fred Hembeck, and the last story written
and drawn by Oklahoma Cartoonists Museum associate, Richard "Grass" Green.

Order you copy of the all-Vance horror paperback Apocris 1 at

Interested in the exciting Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection and Toy and
Action Figure Museum? Go to

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