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11/27/19,JUL191843,007 MAGAZINE AND ARCHIVE,007 Magazine 40th Anniversary Special 1979-2019,$16.99
11/27/19,SEP191310,AARDVARK VANAHEIM,Vark Wars #1 (One Shot),$4.00
11/27/19,AUG191503,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Dark Red #8,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191415,AHOY COMICS,Second Coming #5 (of 6),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191447,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Casper's Classic Christmas #1 (Cover A TBD),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191448,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Casper's Classic Christmas #1 (Cover B Retro Animation Variant),$9.99
11/27/19,AUG191564,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Monster Men Soul Of The Beast #1 (Cover A Roy Allen Martinez),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG191565,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Monster Men Soul Of The Beast #1 (Cover B Mike Wolfer Creeping Doom Variant),$4.99
11/27/19,AUG191566,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Monster Men Soul Of The Beast #1 (Cover C Allan Martinez Pulp Horror Variant),$9.99
11/27/19,JUN191438,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Leave On The Light #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Helmut Racho & Oscar Pinto Foil Variant),$9.99
11/27/19,JUN191437,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Leave On The Light #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Helmut Racho & Oscar Pinto),$3.99
11/27/19,OCT191594,ARCANA STUDIO,Go Fish HC,$14.95
11/27/19,SEP191513,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie And Me Jumbo Comics Digest #23,$7.99
11/27/19,SEP191509,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Everything's Archie Volume 2 TP,$10.99
11/27/19,AUG191696,BHP COMICS,Killtopia Volume 2 GN,$13.95
11/27/19,SEP181579,BLACK MASK COMICS,Come Into Me Volume 1 TP,$16.99
11/27/19,FEB191546,BLACK MASK COMICS,Snap Flash Hustle Volume 1 TP,$14.99
11/27/19,APR191498,BLACK MASK COMICS,Space Riders Vortex of Darkness #1,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191574,BLACKBOX COMICS,Psycho List #4 (Of 6),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191273,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #7 (Cover A Dan Panosian),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191274,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #7 (Cover B Jakub Rebelka Hellmouth Connecting Variant),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191275,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #7 (Cover C Scott Buoncristiano),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191276,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #7 (Cover D Jack T. Cole),AR
11/27/19,SEP198458,BOOM! STUDIOS,Folklords #1 (Of 5)(Jorge Corona 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191298,BOOM! STUDIOS,Lumberjanes #68 (Cover A Kat Leyh),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191299,BOOM! STUDIOS,Lumberjanes #68 (Cover B Sas Milledge),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191288,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 (Cover A Jamal Campbell),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191290,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 (Cover B Goni Montes Foil Variant),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP191289,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 (Cover C Kris Anka Trading Card Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP198699,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 (Cover D Dan Mora Story Variant),AR
11/27/19,AUG191415,BOOM! STUDIOS,Plate Tectonics An Illustrated Memoir HC,$24.99
11/27/19,JUL191325,BOOM! STUDIOS,Rugrats Volume 1 The Last Token GN,$14.99
11/27/19,JUL191341,BOOM! STUDIOS,Woods Yearbook Edition Volume 3 TP,$29.99
11/27/19,SEP191650,BROADSWORD COMICS,Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #119 (Jim Balent Yuletide Mash Variant Cover),$2.95
11/27/19,SEP191654,BURLYMAN ENTERTAINMENT,Doc Frankenstein The Post Modern Prometheus HC,$34.99
11/27/19,SEP191655,BURLYMAN ENTERTAINMENT,Matrix Comics 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC (Kaare Andrews Pod Cover),$39.99
11/27/19,SEP191656,BURLYMAN ENTERTAINMENT,Matrix Comics 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC (Kaare Andrews Trinity Cover),$39.99
11/27/19,SEP191677,COMIC SHOP NEWS,Comic Shop News #1693,AR
11/27/19,JUL199128,DARK HORSE COMICS,Art Of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order HC (Limited Edition)(not verified by Diamond),$79.99
11/27/19,JUN190342,DARK HORSE COMICS,Avatar Tsu'tey's Path Volume 1 TP,$19.99
11/27/19,SEP190277,DARK HORSE COMICS,Ether Volume 3 The Disappearance Of Violet Bell #3 (Of 5)(Cover A David Rubin),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190278,DARK HORSE COMICS,Ether Volume 3 The Disappearance Of Violet Bell #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Jill Thompson),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190273,DARK HORSE COMICS,Fight Club 3 #11 (Cover A David Mack),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190274,DARK HORSE COMICS,Fight Club 3 #11 (Cover B Eric Wilkerson),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190296,DARK HORSE COMICS,Invisible Kingdom #7,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190291,DARK HORSE COMICS,Machine Gun Wizards #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Christian Ward),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190292,DARK HORSE COMICS,Machine Gun Wizards #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Gabriel Hernandez Walta),$3.99
11/27/19,JUL190353,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things Volume 2 SIX TP,$17.99
11/27/19,JUL190346,DARK HORSE COMICS,Umbrella Academy Library Edition Volume 2 Dallas HC,$39.99
11/27/19,JUL190404,DARK HORSE COMICS,Witchfinder Omnibus Volume 1 TP,$34.99
11/27/19,SEP190254,DARK HORSE COMICS,Witchfinder The Reign Of Darkness #1 (Of 5),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG190593,DC COMICS,Action Comics #1017 (Cover A John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG190594,DC COMICS,Action Comics #1017 (Cover B Lucio Parillo Card Stock Variant),AR
11/27/19,AUG190645,DC COMICS,Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis Volume 1 TP,$39.99
11/27/19,SEP190519,DC COMICS,Basketful Of Heads #2 (Of 7)(Cover A Reiko Murakami),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190520,DC COMICS,Basketful Of Heads #2 (Of 7)(Cover B Clayton Crain Card Stock Variant),AR
11/27/19,AUG190597,DC COMICS,Batgirl #41 (Cover A Dustin Nguyen),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG190598,DC COMICS,Batgirl #41 (Cover B Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson Card Stock Variant),AR
11/27/19,APR190530,DC COMICS,Batman And Robin By Peter J. Tomasi And Patrick Gleason Omnibus HC (New Printing),$125.00
11/27/19,SEP198986,DC COMICS,Batman Beyond #37 (Lee Weeks 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190475,DC COMICS,Batman Beyond #38 (Cover A Lee Weeks),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190476,DC COMICS,Batman Beyond #38 (Cover B Francis Manapul),AR
11/27/19,AUG190492,DC COMICS,Batman Creature Of The Night #4 (Of 4),$5.99
11/27/19,SEP190447,DC COMICS,Batman Giant #2,$4.99
11/27/19,AUG190497,DC COMICS,Batman Vs Ra's al Ghul #3 (Of 6),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190521,DC COMICS,Books Of Magic #14,$3.99
11/27/19,JUN190576,DC COMICS,Booster Gold The Big Fall HC,$39.99
11/27/19,MAR190573,DC COMICS,DC Comics The Art Of Jim Lee Volume 1 HC,$39.99
11/27/19,OCT190003,DC COMICS,DC Previews #20 (December 2019),AR
11/27/19,SEP190484,DC COMICS,Detective Comics #1016 (Cover A Doug Mahnke),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190485,DC COMICS,Detective Comics #1016 (Cover B Kaare Andrews Card Stock Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190534,DC COMICS,Dollar Comics Infinite Crisis #1,$1.00
11/27/19,SEP190488,DC COMICS,Flash #83 (Cover A Rafael Sandoval),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190489,DC COMICS,Flash #83 (Cover B Guillem March),AR
11/27/19,SEP190492,DC COMICS,Freedom Fighters #11 (Of 12),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190456,DC COMICS,John Constantine Hellblazer #1 (Cover A John Paul Leon),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190457,DC COMICS,John Constantine Hellblazer #1 (Cover B Charlie Adlard),AR
11/27/19,SEP190458,DC COMICS,John Constantine Hellblazer #1 (Cover C Blank Variant),AR
11/27/19,AUG190619,DC COMICS,Justice League Dark #17 (Cover A Stephen Segovia),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG190620,DC COMICS,Justice League Dark #17 (Cover B Clayton Crain),AR
11/27/19,SEP190524,DC COMICS,Last God #2,$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190506,DC COMICS,Looney Tunes #252,$2.99
11/27/19,SEP190508,DC COMICS,Martian Manhunter #10 (Of 12)(Cover A Riley Rossmo),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190509,DC COMICS,Martian Manhunter #10 (Of 12)(Cover B Joshua Middleton),AR
11/27/19,AUG190625,DC COMICS,Red Hood Outlaw #40 (Cover A V Ken Marion),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG190626,DC COMICS,Red Hood Outlaw #40 (Cover B Philip Tan & Marc Deering),AR
11/27/19,AUG190677,DC COMICS,Red Hood Outlaw Volume 2 Prince Of Gotham TP,$16.99
11/27/19,MAY190445,DC COMICS,Shazam #8 (Cover A Dale Eaglesham),$3.99
11/27/19,MAY190446,DC COMICS,Shazam #8 (Cover B Michael Cho),AR
11/27/19,SEP190514,DC COMICS,Supergirl Annual #2,$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190448,DC COMICS,Swamp Thing Giant #2,$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190469,DC COMICS,Tales From The Dark Multiverse Infinite Crisis #1,$5.99
11/27/19,AUG190633,DC COMICS,Terrifics #22 (Cover A Stephen Byrne),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG190634,DC COMICS,Terrifics #22 (Cover B Riley Rossmo),AR
11/27/19,SEP198742,DIAL BOOKS,I Am Amelia Earhart Young Reader HC (New Printing)(not verified by Diamond),$15.99
11/27/19,SEP198746,DIAL BOOKS,I Am George Washington Young Reader HC (New Printing)(not verified by Diamond),$15.99
11/27/19,SEP198745,DIAL BOOKS,I Am Helen Keller Young Reader HC (New Printing)(not verified by Diamond),$15.99
11/27/19,SEP198747,DIAL BOOKS,I Am Jane Goodall Young Reader HC (New Printing)(not verified by Diamond),$15.99
11/27/19,SEP198750,DIAL BOOKS,I Am Neil Armstrong Young Reader HC (New Printing)(not verified by Diamond),$15.99
11/27/19,SEP198749,DIAL BOOKS,I Am Sacagawea Young Reader HC (New Printing)(not verified by Diamond),$15.99
11/27/19,OCT190010,DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS,Game Trade Magazine #238,$3.99
11/27/19,OCT190001,DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS,Previews #375 (December 2019),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191688,DRAWN AND QUARTERLY,Little Lulu Volume 1 Working Girl HC,$29.95
11/27/19,JAN191828,DYNAMIC FORCES,Detective Comics #1000 (Tom King Signed Edition),AR
11/27/19,OCT191867,DYNAMIC FORCES,Merry Marvel Christmas,AR
11/27/19,JUL191200,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover A John Royle),$3.99
11/27/19,JUL191201,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover B Scott Chantler),$3.99
11/27/19,JUL191202,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover C David Williams),$3.99
11/27/19,JUL191203,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover D Pasquale Qualano),$3.99
11/27/19,JUL191204,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover E Photo),$3.99
11/27/19,JUL191205,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover F Photo Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP198706,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover G David Williams Black & White Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP198707,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover H John Royle Black & White Variant),AR
11/27/19,JUL191206,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover I David Williams Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP198708,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover J Royle Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP198709,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover K John Royle Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,JUL191207,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover L Scott Chantler Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,JUL191208,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #6 (Cover M Pasquale Qualano Black & White Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP191079,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Black Terror #2 (Cover I Tyler Kirkham Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP191164,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Dawn Vampirella TP,$19.99
11/27/19,SEP191038,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,KISS Zombies #1 (Cover M Arthur Suydam Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP191039,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,KISS Zombies #1 (Cover N Stuart Sayger Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP191107,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #10 (Cover P Amanda Conner Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP191108,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #10 (Cover Q Joseph Michael Linsner Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP199003,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #11 (Cover I Cosplay Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,JUL191186,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja The Complete Gail Simone Omnibus HC,$49.99
11/27/19,JUL191187,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja The Complete Gail Simone Omnibus HC (Gail Simone Signed Edition),$75.00
11/27/19,AUG191226,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella 50th Anniversary Poster Collection SC,$24.99
11/27/19,SEP191178,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #2 (Cover M Lucio Parillo Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP191179,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #2 (Cover N Ben Oliver Virgin Variant),AR
11/27/19,OCT191879,E-COMIX,Pussycats Volume 2 TP (Baltimore Comic Con Signed & Numbered Edition),$14.99
11/27/19,AUG192529,FANFARE PRESENTS PONENT MON,Walking Man Expanded Editon HC,$30.00
11/27/19,SEP191792,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,Atom Bomb And Other Stories HC,$35.00
11/27/19,SEP191764,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,Ditch Life HC,AR
11/27/19,SEP191800,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,EC Artist's Library Slipcase Volume 4,$99.99
11/27/19,OCT191893,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,George Herriman Library Volume 1 Krazy And Ignatz 1916-1918 HC,$35.00
11/27/19,SEP191810,FLOATING WORLD COMICS,Is This Right Color To Prove I Don't Have A Shitty Life GN,$15.00
11/27/19,SEP192163,GHOST SHIP,Destiny Lovers Volume 1 GN,$13.99
11/27/19,JUL192376,GHOST SHIP,To Love Ru Volumes 17-18 GN,$19.99
11/27/19,OCT191929,GRAPHIX,Dog Man Volume 4 Dog Man And Cat Kid HC (With Dust Jacket),$16.99
11/27/19,OCT191930,GRAPHIX,Dog Man Volume 5 Lord Of The Fleas HC (With Dust Jacket),$16.99
11/27/19,OCT191931,GRAPHIX,Dog Man Volume 6 Brawl Of The Wild HC (With Dust Jacket),$24.99
11/27/19,OCT191932,GRAPHIX,Dog Man Volume 7 For Whom The Ball Rolls HC (With Dust Jacket),$24.99
11/27/19,AUG192000,HERMES PRESS,Frank Thorne's Ribit HC,$34.99
11/27/19,AUG192001,HERMES PRESS,Johnny Hazard The Newspaper Dailies Volume 7 1954-1956 HC,$50.00
11/27/19,APR191776,HERMES PRESS,Phantom The Complete Avon Novels Volume 11 The Swamp Rats SC,$14.99
11/27/19,APR191777,HERMES PRESS,Phantom The Complete Avon Novels Volume 12 The Vampires And The Witch SC,$14.99
11/27/19,FEB191796,HERMES PRESS,Phantom The Complete Dailies Volume 17 1961-1962 HC,$60.00
11/27/19,SEP191834,HERO TOMORROW COMICS,Tap Dance Killer Volume 1 TP,$19.99
11/27/19,SEP190722,IDW PUBLISHING,Cobra Kai The Karate Kid Saga Continues #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Kagan McLeod),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190723,IDW PUBLISHING,Cobra Kai The Karate Kid Saga Continues #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Photo),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190724,IDW PUBLISHING,Cobra Kai The Karate Kid Saga Continues #2 (Of 4)(Cover C Nikos Koutsis),AR
11/27/19,SEP190728,IDW PUBLISHING,Crow Hark The Herald #1 (Cover A Tim Seeley),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190729,IDW PUBLISHING,Crow Hark The Herald #1 (Cover B Fei Chen),AR
11/27/19,SEP190730,IDW PUBLISHING,Crow Hark The Herald #1 (Cover C Tim Seeley Black & White Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190738,IDW PUBLISHING,From Hell Master Edition #8 (Of 10)(Cover A Eddie Campbell),$7.99
11/27/19,MAY190651,IDW PUBLISHING,Goosebumps Horrors Of The Witch House HC,$12.99
11/27/19,SEP190704,IDW PUBLISHING,Marvel Action Classics Ant-Man #1 (Cover A Clayton Henry),$4.99
11/27/19,JUN190746,IDW PUBLISHING,Matteo Volume 2 1917-1918 HC,$19.99
11/27/19,SEP190699,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Holiday Special 2019 (Cover A Andy Price),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190700,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Holiday Special 2019 (Cover B Trish Forstner),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190701,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Holiday Special 2019 (Cover C Valentina Pinto),AR
11/27/19,SEP190680,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #23 (Cover A Priscilla Tramontano),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190681,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #23 (Cover B Tracy Yardley),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190682,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #23 (Cover C Nathalie Fourdraine),AR
11/27/19,SEP190652,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Picard Countdown #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Michael Pangranzio),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190653,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Picard Countdown #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Photo Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190654,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Picard Countdown #1 (Of 3)(Cover C Sara Pitre-Durocher),AR
11/27/19,SEP190709,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Wars Adventures #28 (Cover A Derek Charm),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190710,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Wars Adventures #28 (Cover B Tony Fleecs),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190711,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Wars Adventures #28 (Cover C Manuel Bracchi),AR
11/27/19,SEP190686,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Galaxies #3 (Cover A Livio Ramondelli),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190687,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Galaxies #3 (Cover B Winston Chan),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190688,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Galaxies #3 (Cover C Angel Hernandez),AR
11/27/19,SEP190716,IDW PUBLISHING,Uncle Scrooge #51 (Cover A Marco Mazzarello),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190717,IDW PUBLISHING,Uncle Scrooge #51 (Cover B Giorgio Cavazzano),AR
11/27/19,JUN190667,IDW PUBLISHING,Young Donald Duck Volume 1 TP,$14.99
11/27/19,SEP190164,IMAGE COMICS,Ascender #7,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190176,IMAGE COMICS,Criminal #10,$3.99
11/27/19,JUL190121,IMAGE COMICS,Curse Words #25 (Cover A Ryan Browne),$3.99
11/27/19,JUL190122,IMAGE COMICS,Curse Words #25 (Cover B Ryan Browne Interconnected Variant),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190089,IMAGE COMICS,Descender The Deluxe Edition Volume 2 HC,$49.99
11/27/19,AUG190181,IMAGE COMICS,East Of West #44,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190042,IMAGE COMICS,Killadelphia #1 (Cover A Jason Shawn Alexander),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190043,IMAGE COMICS,Killadelphia #1 (Cover B Francesco Mattina Black Friday Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190199,IMAGE COMICS,Lazarus Risen #3,$7.99
11/27/19,SEP190208,IMAGE COMICS,Postal Deliverance #5,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190113,IMAGE COMICS,Realm Volume 3 TP,$16.99
11/27/19,SEP190116,IMAGE COMICS,Redneck Volume 4 Lone Star TP,$16.99
11/27/19,SEP190081,IMAGE COMICS,Section Zero Volume 1 There Is No Section Zero TP,$19.99
11/27/19,AUG192035,INSIGHT KIDS,Star Wars Luke Skywalker And The Secrets Of The Jedi HC,$24.99
11/27/19,AUG192037,IRON CIRCUS COMICS,Lonesome Era GN,$30.00
11/27/19,SEP192325,KODANSHA COMICS,If I Could Reach You Volume 2 GN,$12.99
11/27/19,SEP192328,KODANSHA COMICS,Magic Knight Rayearth 25th Anniversary Box Set Volume 1,$129.99
11/27/19,SEP192332,KODANSHA COMICS,Tales Of Berseria Volume 1 GN,$12.99
11/27/19,SEP192334,KODANSHA COMICS,UQ Holder Volume 18 GN,$10.99
11/27/19,SEP191867,LION FORGE,Milo's World Volume 2 The Black Queen HC,$19.99
11/27/19,AUG192069,LION FORGE,Ogre Gods Volume 3 The Great Man HC,$24.99
11/27/19,SEP191868,LION FORGE,Orphans Volume 4 Winners And Losers GN,$19.99
11/27/19,SEP191873,MAD CAVE STUDIOS,Wolvenheart #2 (Of 6),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191018,MARVEL COMICS,Adventures Of Spider-Man Radioactive TP,$12.99
11/27/19,SEP190899,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #27 (Cover A Ed McGuinness),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190900,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #27 (Cover B Nick Bradshaw 2099 Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190901,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #27 (Cover C TBD Starbrand Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190981,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers By Jason Aaron Volume 4 War Of The Realms TP,$15.99
11/27/19,SEP190931,MARVEL COMICS,Black Panther #18,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP198490,MARVEL COMICS,Captain Marvel #11 (Carmen Carnero 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190825,MARVEL COMICS,Conan 2099 #1 (Cover A Geoff Shaw),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190826,MARVEL COMICS,Conan 2099 #1 (Cover B Will Sliney),AR
11/27/19,SEP190827,MARVEL COMICS,Conan 2099 #1 (Cover C Ron Lim),AR
11/27/19,SEP190776,MARVEL COMICS,Fallen Angels #2 (Cover A Ashley Witter),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190777,MARVEL COMICS,Fallen Angels #2 (Cover B Peach Momoko),AR
11/27/19,SEP190884,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Grand Design #2 (Of 2)(Cover A Tom Scioli),$5.99
11/27/19,SEP190885,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Grand Design #2 (Of 2)(Cover B Jim Rugg),AR
11/27/19,SEP190890,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Negative Zone #1 (Cover A Kim Jacinto),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190891,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Negative Zone #1 (Cover B Mico Suayan),AR
11/27/19,AUG191156,MARVEL COMICS,Fearless TP,$15.99
11/27/19,SEP190864,MARVEL COMICS,Ghost-Spider #4 (Cover A Jorge Molina),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190865,MARVEL COMICS,Ghost-Spider #4 (Cover B Bengal 2099 Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190887,MARVEL COMICS,Invisible Woman #5 (Of 5),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190942,MARVEL COMICS,Ironheart #12,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191016,MARVEL COMICS,M.O.D.O.K. Head Trips TP,$39.99
11/27/19,SEP198491,MARVEL COMICS,Marauders #1 (Giuseppe Camuncoli 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP198499,MARVEL COMICS,Marauders #1 (Russell Dauterman Red Queen 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
11/27/19,OCT190002,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Previews Volume 4 #29 (December 2019),$1.25
11/27/19,SEP190978,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Visionaries Chris Claremont TP,$34.99
11/27/19,SEP190995,MARVEL COMICS,Ms. Marvel Team-Up TP,$17.99
11/27/19,SEP190758,MARVEL COMICS,New Mutants #2 (Cover A Rod Reis),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190759,MARVEL COMICS,New Mutants #2 (Cover B Arthur Adams),AR
11/27/19,SEP190828,MARVEL COMICS,Punisher 2099 #1 (Cover A Patrick Zircher),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190829,MARVEL COMICS,Punisher 2099 #1 (Cover B Steve Epting),AR
11/27/19,SEP190830,MARVEL COMICS,Punisher 2099 #1 (Cover C Ron Lim),AR
11/27/19,SEP190805,MARVEL COMICS,Scream Curse Of Carnage #1 (Cover A Jim Cheung),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP190806,MARVEL COMICS,Scream Curse Of Carnage #1 (Cover B Nick Bradshaw),AR
11/27/19,SEP190807,MARVEL COMICS,Scream Curse Of Carnage #1 (Cover C Skottie Young),AR
11/27/19,SEP190808,MARVEL COMICS,Scream Curse Of Carnage #1 (Cover D Nick Sullo),AR
11/27/19,SEP190809,MARVEL COMICS,Scream Curse Of Carnage #1 (Cover E Stanley Artgerm Lau),AR
11/27/19,SEP190810,MARVEL COMICS,Scream Curse Of Carnage #1 (Cover F Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin),AR
11/27/19,SEP190961,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Doctor Aphra #39 (Cover A Ashley Witter),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190962,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Doctor Aphra #39 (Cover B Rahzzah Greatest Moments Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190979,MARVEL COMICS,Thanos Zero Sanctuary TP,$19.99
11/27/19,JUN191030,MARVEL COMICS,Timely's Greatest The Golden Age Human Torch By Carl Burgos Omnibus HC (Book Market Edition),$150.00
11/27/19,JUN191031,MARVEL COMICS,Timely's Greatest The Golden Age Human Torch By Carl Burgos Omnibus HC (Direct Market Marvel 80th Anniversary Edition),$150.00
11/27/19,SEP190926,MARVEL COMICS,Uncanny X-Men #266 (Facsimile Edition),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190906,MARVEL COMICS,Valkyrie Jane Foster #5 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190907,MARVEL COMICS,Valkyrie Jane Foster #5 (Cover B Paul Renaud 2099 Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190811,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #20 (Cover A Kyle Hotz),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190812,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #20 (Cover B TBD Codex Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190813,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #20 (Cover C Khoi Pham 2099 Variant),AR
11/27/19,SEP190767,MARVEL COMICS,X-Force #2 (Cover A Dustin Weaver),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190768,MARVEL COMICS,X-Force #2 (Cover B Gerardo Zaffino),AR
11/27/19,SEP198492,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #1 (Giuseppe Camuncoli 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
11/27/19,SEP191004,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men Classic The Complete Collection Volume 2 TP,$39.99
11/27/19,SEP191010,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men Epic Collection Volume 1 Children Of The Atom TP (New Printing),$39.99
11/27/19,SEP190999,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men Fallen Angels TP (New Printing),$19.99
11/27/19,SEP190849,MARVEL COMICS,Yondu #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Cully Hamner),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP190850,MARVEL COMICS,Yondu #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Alex Garner),AR
11/27/19,SEP191876,MYMOVIEMONSTERS.COM,Scary Monsters Magazine #115,$9.95
11/27/19,SEP191894,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty #56 (Cover A Marc Ellerby),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191895,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty #56 (Cover B -Lateef Allen-Mcdowell),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191891,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons II Painscape #3 (Cover A Troy Little),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191892,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons II Painscape #3 (Cover B Gina Allant),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191893,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons II Painscape #3 (Cover C Troy Little & Jim Zub Character Sheet Variant),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG192098,PAPERCUTZ,Smurfs Volume 26 Smurf Salad HC (not verified by Diamond),$12.99
11/27/19,JUL192130,PS ARTBOOKS,Pre-Code Classics Atomic War Volume 1 HC,$51.99
11/27/19,JUL192131,PS ARTBOOKS,Pre-Code Classics Atomic War Volume 1 HC (Slipcase Edition),$56.99
11/27/19,JUL192132,PS ARTBOOKS,Pre-Code Classics This Is Suspense Volume 2 HC,$45.99
11/27/19,JUL192133,PS ARTBOOKS,Pre-Code Classics This Is Suspense Volume 2 HC (Slipcase Edition),$55.99
11/27/19,AUG192162,REBELLION/2000AD,2000 AD Pack October 2019,$30.00
11/27/19,SEP191941,REBELLION/2000AD,Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files Volume 34 TP,$24.99
11/27/19,AUG192187,SCOUT COMICS,Girrion Volume 1 The Chrysalis The Stone TP,$24.99
11/27/19,SEP191956,SCOUT COMICS,Last Stop #1,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191957,SCOUT COMICS,Midnight Sky #3 (Cover A Scott Van Domelen),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191958,SCOUT COMICS,Midnight Sky #3 (Cover B Scott Van Domelen War Of The Worlds Variant),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG192194,SCREAM HORROR MAGAZINE,Scream Magazine #57,$9.99
11/27/19,SEP192373,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Penguindrum Volume 1 GN,$12.99
11/27/19,SEP191978,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Achilles Inc. Volume 1 TP,$19.99
11/27/19,SEP191985,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Boston Metaphysical Society #5,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191980,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Goth Young Lovers At War #1 (One Shot),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191984,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Gutter Magic #3 (Of 8),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191986,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Hope #6,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191982,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Misplaced #1,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191977,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Ogres #1 (Of 4),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191981,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Touching Evil #1 (Of 7),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP191991,STORM KING PRODUCTIONS,John Carpenter's Tales Of Science Fiction Redhead #1 (Of 5),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG192220,TASCHEN AMERICA,Movies Of The 60s HC (Bibliotheca Universalis Edition),$20.00
11/27/19,JUL192238,TITAN COMICS,Cromwell Stone HC,$29.99
11/27/19,AUG192248,TITAN COMICS,Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Volume 3 Old Friends TP,$16.99
11/27/19,MAR192035,TITAN COMICS,Philosophy Of Deadpool HC,$14.99
11/27/19,AUG192259,TITAN COMICS,Star Wars Insider Aliens Creatures And Droids TP,$24.99
11/27/19,SEP192191,TOKYOPOP,Aria The Masterpiece Omnibus Volume 4 GN,$24.99
11/27/19,SEP192053,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Alter Ego #162,$9.95
11/27/19,AUG192284,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Back Issue #117,$9.95
11/27/19,JUL192272,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,BrickJournal #60,$9.95
11/27/19,JUL192273,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Comic Book Creator #21,$9.95
11/27/19,SEP192052,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,RetroFan Magazine #7,$9.95
11/27/19,SEP198555,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Bloodshot #2 (Declan Shalvey 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192099,VAULT COMICS,Mall #4,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP198507,VAULT COMICS,Money Shot #1 (Chris Burnham Black Bag 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$5.99
11/27/19,SEP198506,VAULT COMICS,Money Shot #1 (Rebekah Isaacs & Tim Daniel 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192100,VAULT COMICS,Plot #3,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192104,VAULT COMICS,Relics Of Youth #3,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192105,VAULT COMICS,Resonant #5,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192387,VERTICAL COMICS,Witchcraft Works Volume 13 GN,$12.95
11/27/19,SEP192111,WATSON GUPTILL,Stan Lee's Master Class SC,$24.99
11/27/19,AUG192476,YEN ON,Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World Light Novel Volume 11 SC,$14.00
11/27/19,SEP192270,YEN ON,So I'm Spider So What Light Novel Volume 7 SC,$14.00
11/27/19,SEP192272,YEN ON,Wolf And Parchment New Theory Spice And Wolf Light Novel Volume 4 SC,$14.00
11/27/19,SEP192264,YEN ON,You Call That Service Light Novel Volume 1 SC,$15.00
11/27/19,SEP192283,YEN PRESS,Happy Sugar Life Volume 3 GN,$13.00
11/27/19,SEP192289,YEN PRESS,Konosuba God's Blessing On This Wonderful World Volume 9 GN,$13.00
11/27/19,SEP192153,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Monster Planet #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Martin Coccolo),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192154,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Monster Planet #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Harvey Tolibao),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192155,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Monster Planet #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Derlis Santacruz),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192156,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Monster Planet #2 (Of 5)(Cover D Igor Vitorino,$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192150,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Unbound #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Igor Vitorino),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192151,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Unbound #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Leonardo Colapietro),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192152,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Unbound #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Derlis Santacruz),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192139,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Van Helsing Vs Dracula's Daughter #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Igor Vitorino),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192140,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Van Helsing Vs Dracula's Daughter #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Riveiro),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192141,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Van Helsing Vs Dracula's Daughter #4 (Of 5)(Cover C Richard Ortiz),$3.99
11/27/19,SEP192142,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Van Helsing Vs Dracula's Daughter #4 (Of 5)(Cover D Allan Otero),$3.99
11/27/19,AUG191230,Cards - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella 50th Anniversary Ultra-Premium Trading Cards Box,AR
11/27/19,AUG191229,Cards - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella 50th Anniversary Ultra-Premium Trading Cards Individual Foil Pack,AR
11/27/19,APR198798,Cards - TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2019 High Tek Baseball Trading Card Box,AR
11/27/19,APR198011,Cards - TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2019 WWE Money In The Bank Trading Card Box,AR
11/27/19,OCT193270,Games - KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT,Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Structure Deck Hero Strike,AR
11/27/19,JUN198587,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Air Elemental,AR
11/27/19,JUN198588,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Black Dragon Wyrmling,AR
11/27/19,JUN198589,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Blue Dragon Wyrmling,AR
11/27/19,JUN198590,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Clay Golem,AR
11/27/19,JUN198591,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Drider,AR
11/27/19,JUN198592,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Earth Elemental,AR
11/27/19,JUN198593,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Female Elf Cleric,AR
11/27/19,JUN198594,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Female Goliath Barbarian,AR
11/27/19,JUN198595,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Female Half Elf Monk,AR
11/27/19,JUN198586,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Female Human Paladin,AR
11/27/19,JUN198596,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Female Human Rogue,AR
11/27/19,JUN198597,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Female Human Sorceror,AR
11/27/19,JUN198598,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Female Human Warlock,AR
11/27/19,JUN198599,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Fire Elemental,AR
11/27/19,JUN198600,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Grung,AR
11/27/19,JUN198601,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Iron Golem,AR
11/27/19,JUN198602,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Kenku Adventurers,AR
11/27/19,JUN198603,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Male Goliath Barbarian,AR
11/27/19,JUN198604,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Male Half Elf Monk,AR
11/27/19,JUN198605,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Male Human Warlock,AR
11/27/19,JUN198606,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Red Dragon Wyrmling,AR
11/27/19,JUN198607,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Mini Water Elemental,AR
11/27/19,JUN198608,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzars Marvelous Succubus And Incubus,AR
11/27/19,APR198662,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,My Little Pony Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Apple Jack (not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,APR198663,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,My Little Pony Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Fluttershy (not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,APR198664,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,My Little Pony Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Pinkie Pie (not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,APR198665,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,My Little Pony Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Rainbow Dash (not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,APR198666,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,My Little Pony Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Rarity (not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,APR198667,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,My Little Pony Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Twilight Sparkle (not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,MAY193286,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,O.P. Arena Epic Battle Royale Absurd Porportions Board Game,AR
11/27/19,JUN198609,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Bone Golem,AR
11/27/19,JUN198610,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Male Elf Rogue,AR
11/27/19,JUN198611,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Male Half Orc Druid,AR
11/27/19,JUN198612,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Necromancers,AR
11/27/19,JUN198613,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Pit Devil,AR
11/27/19,AUG193372,Games - RAVENSBURGER USA,Harry Potter Labyrinth Game,AR
11/27/19,JUL192096,Games - RENEGADE GAME STUDIO,Aquicorn Cove Board Game,AR
11/27/19,AUG192221,Games - TEN SPEED PRESS,Dungeons And Tombs A Young Adventurer's Guide HC,AR
11/27/19,OCT193305,Games - USAOPOLY,Harry Potter Death Eaters Rising Game,AR
11/27/19,JUN198760,Merchandise,Aliens Alien 3 Dog Alien Ultimate 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUL198461,Merchandise,Ant-Man And The Wasp Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP,AR
11/27/19,APR198610,Merchandise,Azur Lane Akagi Rakuen No Higanbana 1/8 Scale PVC Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUL198203,Merchandise,Barbie X Star Wars Princess Leia Doll,AR
11/27/19,APR190590,Merchandise,Batman Black And White Mini PVC Figure 7-Pack Box Set Four,AR
11/27/19,APR188871,Merchandise,Batman Catwoman 1/6 Scale Maquette,AR
11/27/19,JUL198616,Merchandise,Blade Runner 2049 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP,AR
11/27/19,JUL190432,Merchandise,Bravest Warriors Coaster Set,AR
11/27/19,JUL190434,Merchandise,Bravest Warriors Enamel Pin Set,AR
11/27/19,JUL190433,Merchandise,Bravest Warriors Magnet 4-Pack,AR
11/27/19,JUL190435,Merchandise,Bravest Warriors Magnet Set,AR
11/27/19,JUL198354,Merchandise,Castlevania 2 Simons Quest Video Game Original Soundtrack 10 Inch LP,AR
11/27/19,JUL198355,Merchandise,Castlevania 3 Draculas Curse Video Game Original Soundtrack 10 Inch LP,AR
11/27/19,JUL198356,Merchandise,Castlevania Original Video Game Soundtrack 10 Inch LP,AR
11/27/19,AUG198017,Merchandise,Crash Bandicoot Bell Jar Light,AR
11/27/19,APR190585,Merchandise,DC Designer Series Batman By Frank Miller Statue,AR
11/27/19,SEP193008,Merchandise,DC Heroes Batman Be Courageous Mug,AR
11/27/19,SEP193009,Merchandise,DC Heroes Superman Be Strong Mug,AR
11/27/19,SEP193010,Merchandise,DC Heroes Wonder Woman Be Wonderful Mug,AR
11/27/19,AUG192675,Merchandise,DC Wonder Woman Gold Logo Necklace,AR
11/27/19,MAY198909,Merchandise,Disney Lion King Simba And Nala 5 Inch Figurine,AR
11/27/19,MAY198681,Merchandise,Disney Showcase Ariel 8 Inch Couture De Force Figure,AR
11/27/19,MAY198682,Merchandise,Disney Showcase Belle 8 Inch Couture De Force Figure,AR
11/27/19,MAY198686,Merchandise,Disney Traditions The Little Mermaid Flounder Personality Figure,AR
11/27/19,OCT193221,Merchandise,Earth Cross Section Nesting Bowl Set,AR
11/27/19,APR198545,Merchandise,Evangelion Evolution EV-018 Custom Type-08 Action Figure (Flash Version),AR
11/27/19,SEP190231,Merchandise,Excellence Spencer Pin,AR
11/27/19,SEP190227,Merchandise,Excellence Spencer T-Shirt LG,AR
11/27/19,SEP190225,Merchandise,Excellence Spencer T-Shirt SM,AR
11/27/19,SEP190228,Merchandise,Excellence Spencer T-Shirt XL,AR
11/27/19,SEP190229,Merchandise,Excellence Spencer T-Shirt XXL,AR
11/27/19,SEP190230,Merchandise,Excellence Spencer T-Shirt XXXL,AR
11/27/19,OCT193246,Merchandise,FiGPin Dragonball Fighterz Gotenks Pin,AR
11/27/19,OCT193248,Merchandise,FiGPin Fallout Nuka Cola Girl Pin,AR
11/27/19,AUG193294,Merchandise,FiGPin My Hero Academia All Might Silver Age Pin,AR
11/27/19,AUG193295,Merchandise,FiGPin My Hero Academia Tsuyu Asui Pin,AR
11/27/19,AUG193223,Merchandise,FiGPin Toy Story 4 Bo Peep Pin,AR
11/27/19,AUG193224,Merchandise,FiGPin Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Pin,AR
11/27/19,AUG193225,Merchandise,FiGPin Toy Story 4 Duke Caboom Pin,AR
11/27/19,AUG193226,Merchandise,FiGPin Toy Story 4 Forky Pin,AR
11/27/19,AUG193227,Merchandise,FiGPin Toy Story 4 Woody Pin,AR
11/27/19,SEP192522,Merchandise,Fortnite Shopping Cart Pack With Fireworks TL Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUL198359,Merchandise,God Of War Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP,AR
11/27/19,SEP192621,Merchandise,Grimm Fairy Tales Snow White Bishoujo Style Statue,AR
11/27/19,FEB198936,Merchandise,Gundam Guys Generation Mobile Suits Z Gundam Haman Karn PVC Statue,AR
11/27/19,JUL198225,Merchandise,Harry Potter 1/24 Scale Die-Cast 1959 Ford Anglia And Harry Figure,AR
11/27/19,JAN199341,Merchandise,Hatsune Miku GT Project Racing Miku Nendoroid Action Figure (2019 Version),AR
11/27/19,OCT193306,Merchandise,It Playing Cards Tin,AR
11/27/19,FEB198429,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 Chozo Kado Esidisi Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,FEB198430,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 Chozo Kado Kars Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,FEB198431,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 Chozo Kado Wamuu Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,SEP191167,Merchandise,Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn Statue (Costume Variant Artist Proof Edition)(not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,AUG199101,Merchandise,Junji Ito Collection 144 Piece Button Display Assortment,AR
11/27/19,AUG199102,Merchandise,Junji Ito Collection 48 Piece Magnet Assortment,AR
11/27/19,APR192540,Merchandise,Kingdom Hearts Gallery Sora PVC Figure,AR
11/27/19,FEB198978,Merchandise,Kizuna Ai Nendoroid Action Figure (2019 Channel Version),AR
11/27/19,JUL198361,Merchandise,Last Of Us Original Score Volume Two 2XLP (not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,MAY192377,Merchandise,Legends In 3D Marvel Comic Captain America 1/2 Scale Bust,AR
11/27/19,MAY192375,Merchandise,Marvel Animated Captain Marvel Statue,AR
11/27/19,AUG199204,Merchandise,Marvel Black Panther 8 Inch Kuricha Sitting Plush Figure,AR
11/27/19,NOV182387,Merchandise,Marvel Cable Mini Bust,AR
11/27/19,AUG199205,Merchandise,Marvel Captain America 8 Inch Kuricha Sitting Plush Figure,AR
11/27/19,AUG199206,Merchandise,Marvel Captain Marvel 8 Inch Kuricha Sitting Plush Figure,AR
11/27/19,AUG199207,Merchandise,Marvel Iron Man 8 Inch Kuricha Sitting Plush Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198026,Merchandise,Marvel Legends 6 Inch Big Time Spider-Man Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,MAR198973,Merchandise,Marvel Legends 6 Inch Variant Logan Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,FEB198525,Merchandise,Marvel Premier Avengers 4 Black Widow Statue (not verified by Diamond),AR
11/27/19,AUG199208,Merchandise,Marvel Spider-Man 8 Inch Kuricha Sitting Plush Figure,AR
11/27/19,MAR198457,Merchandise,Marvel Spider-Man Cable Guy,AR
11/27/19,JUL198462,Merchandise,Marvel's Defenders Original Soundtrack 2XLP,AR
11/27/19,JUL198463,Merchandise,Marvel's Jessica Jones Season One Original Soundtrack 2XLP,AR
11/27/19,JUL198464,Merchandise,Marvel's Luke Cage Season Two Original Soundtrack 2XLP,AR
11/27/19,JUL198465,Merchandise,Marvel's Punisher Original Soundtrack LP,AR
11/27/19,JUL198617,Merchandise,Metal Gear Solid Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP,AR
11/27/19,AUG188946,Merchandise,Nier Automata Yorha No 2 Type B 1/7 Scale PVC Figure,AR
11/27/19,AUG188947,Merchandise,Nier Automata Yorha No 2 Type B 1/7 Scale PVC Figure (Deluxe Version),AR
11/27/19,JUN188275,Merchandise,No Game No Life Stephanie Dola 1/7 Scale PVC Figure,AR
11/27/19,SEP190232,Merchandise,Outer Darkness Charon Pin,AR
11/27/19,AUG198019,Merchandise,Playstation Controller Alarm Clock,AR
11/27/19,FEB198106,Merchandise,Polynian Motoroid Mallillin Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198697,Merchandise,POP Disney Kingdom Hearts 3 S2 Aqua Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198698,Merchandise,POP Disney Kingdom Hearts 3 S2 Axel Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198764,Merchandise,POP Disney Kingdom Hearts 3 S2 Kairi With Hood Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198699,Merchandise,POP Disney Kingdom Hearts 3 S2 Sora With Ultimate Weapon Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198696,Merchandise,POP Disney Maleficent 2 Feast Maleficent Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198227,Merchandise,POP Games Apex Legends Bangalore Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198225,Merchandise,POP Games Apex Legends Bloodhound Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198224,Merchandise,POP Games Apex Legends Caustic Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198223,Merchandise,POP Games Apex Legends Gibraltar Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198222,Merchandise,POP Games Apex Legends Lifeline Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198221,Merchandise,POP Games Apex Legends Mirage Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198226,Merchandise,POP Games Apex Legends Pathfinder Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198220,Merchandise,POP Games Apex Legends Wraith Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,JAN198981,Merchandise,POP Harry Potter Ginny Weasley Yule Ball Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,FEB198695,Merchandise,POP Harry Potter Padma Patil Yule Ball Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,MAY198558,Merchandise,POP Heroes Batman 80th Batmite 1st Appearance 1959 Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198709,Merchandise,POP Marvel 80th Wolverine First Appearance Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198725,Merchandise,POP NBA Dallas Mavericks Kristaps Prozingis Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198728,Merchandise,POP NBA Indiana Pacers Victor Oladipo Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198737,Merchandise,POP NFL Saints Drew Brees Super Bowl Champions XLV Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198738,Merchandise,POP NFL Seahawks Russell Wilson Super Bowl Champions XLVIII Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,MAY198591,Merchandise,POP PEZ Chamberlain Skeksis,AR
11/27/19,MAY198590,Merchandise,POP PEZ Dark Crystal Aughra,AR
11/27/19,MAY198589,Merchandise,POP PEZ Dark Crystal Rian,AR
11/27/19,FEB198031,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Bengals Beanie,AR
11/27/19,FEB198035,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Broncos Beanie,AR
11/27/19,FEB198040,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Cardinals Cap,AR
11/27/19,FEB198042,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Chargers Cap,AR
11/27/19,FEB198037,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Falcons Cap,AR
11/27/19,FEB198029,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Jaguars Helmet,AR
11/27/19,FEB198051,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Panthers Helmet,AR
11/27/19,FEB198056,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Raiders Cap,AR
11/27/19,FEB198026,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Rams Cap,AR
11/27/19,FEB198036,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Seahawks Beanie,AR
11/27/19,FEB198053,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Seahawks Cap,AR
11/27/19,FEB198032,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Seahawks Helmet,AR
11/27/19,FEB198033,Merchandise,POP PEZ NFL Titans Cap,AR
11/27/19,MAY198602,Merchandise,POP PEZ Spyro,AR
11/27/19,APR198741,Merchandise,POP Rocks Rob Zombie Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,APR198743,Merchandise,POP Town Holiday Santas House With Santa Nutmeg Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,MAR198963,Merchandise,POP TV Game Of Thrones Arya With Two Headed Spear Vinyl Figure,AR
11/27/19,SEP192992,Merchandise,Rugrats Reptar Enamel Pin,AR
11/27/19,SEP192996,Merchandise,Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Mug,AR
11/27/19,JUL198705,Merchandise,Sonic The Hedgehog Tails Cable Guy,AR
11/27/19,JAN199345,Merchandise,SSSS Gridman Gridknight Figma Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,SEP182483,Merchandise,Star Wars Collectors Gallery Dengar 9 Inch Statue,AR
11/27/19,OCT182375,Merchandise,Star Wars Collectors Gallery Han Solo Carbonite 8 Inch Statue,AR
11/27/19,JAN192646,Merchandise,Star Wars Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back 1/8 Scale Statue,AR
11/27/19,AUG198882,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 All Over Print 5950 Fitted Cap 7 1/2,AR
11/27/19,AUG198883,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 All Over Print 5950 Fitted Cap 7 1/4,AR
11/27/19,AUG198884,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 All Over Print 5950 Fitted Cap 7 1/8,AR
11/27/19,AUG198885,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 All Over Print 5950 Fitted Cap 7 3/8,AR
11/27/19,AUG198886,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 All Over Print 5950 Fitted Cap 7 5/8,AR
11/27/19,AUG198887,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 Battleships Blue Azure Knit Cap,AR
11/27/19,AUG198894,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 Cracked Word Mark Black 950 Snap Back Cap,AR
11/27/19,AUG198898,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 Empire Trio Black 950 Snap Back Cap,AR
11/27/19,AUG198900,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 Knights Of Ren Black 940 Snap Back Cap,AR
11/27/19,AUG198922,Merchandise,Star Wars E9 True Jedi Camel 950 Snap Back Cap,AR
11/27/19,JAN192647,Merchandise,Star Wars Executioner Trooper 1/6 Scale Statue,AR
11/27/19,APR192520,Merchandise,Star Wars Milestones Force Awakens BB-8 1/6 Scale Statue,AR
11/27/19,APR192521,Merchandise,Star Wars Milestones Force Awakens Rey 1/6 Scale Statue,AR
11/27/19,JAN192649,Merchandise,Star Wars Praetorian Guard 1/6 Scale Statue,AR
11/27/19,MAY192381,Merchandise,Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Bust,AR
11/27/19,OCT182376,Merchandise,Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Bookends,AR
11/27/19,MAR198540,Merchandise,Sword Art Online Alicization Eugeo Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUL198532,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Is Forever T-Shirt LG,AR
11/27/19,JUL198531,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Is Forever T-Shirt MED,AR
11/27/19,JUL198530,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Is Forever T-Shirt SM,AR
11/27/19,JUL198533,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Is Forever T-Shirt XL,AR
11/27/19,JUL198534,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Is Forever T-Shirt XXL,AR
11/27/19,JUL198535,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Is Forever T-Shirt XXXL,AR
11/27/19,JUL198536,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Is Forever T-Shirt XXXXL,AR
11/27/19,FEB198987,Merchandise,That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Milim Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,OCT188765,Merchandise,To Love Ru Darkness Nana Astar Deviluke 1/4 Scale PVC (Bunny Version),AR
11/27/19,JUN198624,Merchandise,Toony Terrors Bride Of Chucky 6 Inch Action Figure 2 Pack,AR
11/27/19,JUN198625,Merchandise,Toony Terrors Series 2 6 Inch Action Figure Assortment,AR
11/27/19,APR198106,Merchandise,Touken Ranbu Online Hachisukakotetsu Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198693,Merchandise,Transformers Generations Selects Lancer Deluxe Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,JUN198694,Merchandise,Transformers Generations Selects Shockwave Leader Action Figure,AR
11/27/19,OCT192736,Merchandise,Transformers Generations WFC Deluxe Action Figure Assortment 201905,AR

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